My first fuck night

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I came home alone after a night out. My girlfriend was on vacation. I had met her at a basketball game where I also made my first dunk and I missed her a lot. When I opened the door to my bedroom I could smell the sweet scent of Indian incense. When I entered, Nadine (my girlfriend) was lying on the bed with her legs spread. “So, you came home, Martin” she said in a hot and piercing voice. Yes I said very ignorantly. I was standing there looking in the doorway as she licked her fingers and rubbed them slowly over her bald pussy. While standing in that doorway I went from being a sweet boy to a super horny monster with a rock hard cock in my pants. In my mind I saw my huge 7 inch cock disappear into her mouth. I wanted her to cum so hard, but we had never gone beyond fingering because we only dated for a week.

Nadine started to moan slowly and she lifted her see-through blouse even further and I could see her pretty nipples through her blouse and they came out a little naughty. I almost had to cum because I was wearing those tight pants that rub so well and so I untied my belt and unbuttoned my pants. My black pubic hair came out above my underpants and she told me I was a horny bear because of my muscular chest with small chest hair. She got off the bed and put her finger in my mouth, it was a very wet finger full of horny and I could hold that finger in my mouth for hours but she pulled it out again and went down slowly and she took my erect penis. He was very warm and was looking for another warm place. She slowly started to massage my balls and my penis got harder than ever before. She lowered her mouth as she took off my Hawaii shirt. She licked my stomach and then slid into my pants with her hand. She took my penis out of its too small housing and now slowly she began to lick it. I now pushed her onto the bed and took off her blouse. She spread her legs and slowly my penis sank down her thong which she held aside. Slowly I went back and forth and we both started to pant slowly. She started to moan louder and she told me to fuck harder, but she had never said that before so I slowly started to fuck harder.

“I want to do 69”, Nadine whispered in my ear and quickly licked my earlobe. I took my penis out of her horny wet pussy and we both made our way with our mouths to the divine organ. I ran my tongue through her lips and made rotating movements around her clitoris. In the meantime she was giving me a blow job and then I climaxed. I filled her mouth and she wanted more, and went on. During the shock of my orgasm, I had also almost brought her to the peak. She now started to moan loudly and asked if I could use my fingers. My mouth was now so wet that I could no longer taste the difference between all the meat. She orgasmed… She jerked back and forth violently and a trickle of horny juice dripped from her pussy. We were both broken and we were all wet with all the juices and sweat dripping from our bodies. Although I had decided in advance to make her come four times, I was completely exhausted after an orgasm.

We licked each other a little more and sat on the edge of the bed. We smiled sweetly and I looked into her eyes and I saw that those eyes wanted more. We got up and instinctively walked to the shower. My penis was now getting hard again. The blood was rushing through it and I could feel the blood pounding through it. She turned on the shower and I grabbed her ass from behind and started massaging her asshole. My penis had already reached its full proportions and I removed my finger and stuck my penis in her cunt. She leaned over and my penis slid in from behind very easily through all the lukewarm water. I started to thrust into her and cummed a second time. She turned and spread her legs and squatted down and pointed at her cunt. I also slowly dropped to my knees which was very difficult in such a small shower and my tongue slipped into her mouth. We tongued like never before and my finger stroked her vagina. She started to slowly get going again and she now started to tongue even louder and lick my lips greedily. My finger stroked up and down hard and she climaxed again. We sat down and hugged each other and kissed quietly.

We quietly walked out of the shower and dried each other off. We walked to my bed together in silence and lay down next to each other. We had had a great evening together and we were now exhausted. We kissed each other good night and fell asleep, embraced. I hope that such fantastic things can be realized for everyone. I thought it was fantastic, an amazing surprise for your partner with an evening of horny sex.