My first experience

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It was a cold, dark winter evening. I was sitting alone at the computer. I was surfing when I suddenly unwittingly searched a porn site that I got from a friend. So I was looking around. After a while I got so horny, I couldn’t resist. I already had a big boner, so I took it out of my pants. I was just jerking off when suddenly a girl from my class came in.

You know it is such a great babe. Brunette, beautiful eyes, nice body, beautiful breasts and a mouth that you would like to have on a dick. Well, so I was shocked to death, tried to hide it quickly, but it was already too late.

She said, “Nice, doing your homework?” I got hot and turned red. Her name is Debbie. She looked delicious again. She was wearing a very short skirt. She came up to me and gave me a kiss. She looked at the screen. She thought they were beautiful women. She stood in front of me and asked what I thought of her. She started to caress herself. Her beautiful breasts up her stomach and slowly with her hands over her legs. Then she went through her knees and I could see right under her skirt. She was wearing a very nice thong that was slightly up between her lips.

When she walked in I could only put a T-shirt over my dick and since I got a boner again, it stood up nicely. Of course she saw this and took off her blouse. Her skirt also went down now. There I sat with my stiff cock, opposite to a girl in a bra and a very horny thong. She turned her beautiful buttocks towards me and bent down. Oohh she was horny.

After a very exciting lap dance she came up to me and took my dick in her hands. With slow and controlled jerks she started to warm me up. She took off her panties and started fingering herself. Then we switched to position 69 and both had a wonderful orgasm.

After this she sat on top of me and started to fuck me like crazy. My cock drilled deep into her soaking wet pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me!”, was all she said. Up my ass come on. So I took her up her tight ass now. So hot and horny! She got off me and finally blew me to a divine orgasm. We did it like that many more times. Hard, horny, and hot.