My first experience in Spain

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I went to Spain with my parents and went there with a friend and my parents. We had found a great campsite. My mom and dad went in the caravan and my girlfriend and I went together in a luxury tent. The first day we immediately went swimming and my eye immediately fell on a handsome Spanish boy of around 18, I think.

I walked up to him and asked him what his name was in English. His name was Carlo and I thought it was a very horny name. I asked if he would go for a swim and he did. When we went into the water together I saw my girlfriend kissing a French boy. I had to laugh for a while. Carlo and I were now in the water and I looked straight at him. He had a tan, heavy hair with dark eyes and quite muscular. I was already turned on by his look and appearance and swam up to him and gave him a big French kiss.

He hadn’t expected it but returned it anyway. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my pussy and opened my eyes and I saw that he wanted to swim down and I let it. It was lucky that there was no one else in the pool except my girlfriend, me, Carlo and the French boy because everyone had gone to the beach. Then Carlo swam under me and pulled my panties aside and started eating me underwater. I thought it was a great horny feeling.

He came up again and looked at me and asked me if I was going to his tent and I said that’s okay. My girlfriend went with the French boy and I was meeting them tonight at the Camping Disco. I went with Carlo and saw that he was on vacation with a friend because he was jerking himself off in the bedroom when Carlo and I also entered.

I looked at the boy and felt myself getting very wet down there. He put me on the bed and he kissed me and his friend kissed me all over my body until he got to my pussy and started eating me. I started shaking all over because this was the first time for me. I was so shocked that I came right away. The boy looked at me and quickly licked up all my pussy juices.

In the meantime, Carlo had tied me to the side of the bed and I was lying on the bed with my legs wide open. Carlo sat down on me and I felt a big stiff cock in my mouth and started sucking it nicely. The boyfriend was still eating me out and I came for the second time. Carlo had already gotten pretty hot and squirted all his cum into my mouth. I had to swallow quickly or I would have choked.

The friend thought it was my turn now and Carlo left me and the friend sat on me. This dick was a bit smaller but a bit thicker. I started to lick it and gently bit it. He cried out in pleasure and without my knowing Carlo had put a dildo in my cunt and started to rock up and down violently. I screamed and the friend gave me a horny look and kissed me on my mouth. He had already taken his cock out and they released me from the painful ropes.

I sat on the bed and looked at the two boys. Carlo was giving his friend a blowjob and that looked great. Carlo lay down on the bed and I sat on him. My pussy was overflowing with cum and I quickly sat on Carlo. I ran my horny pussy over his dick again and hung slightly upwards and suddenly I felt a fat cock in my ass raging wildly. I was taken from the front and the back now and screamed.

Carlo massaged my nipples and it hurt quite a bit. I looked at his friend and kissed him on the mouth. He shot all of his cum into my hole and I felt completely horny. The sperm ran down my buttocks and Carlo squirted all his sperm into my pussy. It was a great feeling and immediately after that I came too. Carlo licked everything up and I took a shower.

I put my bikini back on but then Cedric suddenly came out with a whip. He gave me a big pat on my tits and I screamed. There was a red stripe and my breasts were glowing. He said to me that it was my punishment because I came more than 7 times. I continued to put on my bikini and went home. I put on a sexy skirt with my thong shining through and a white top with my nipples shining showing. Then I went to the disco and I danced all night with Carlo and he still fingered me in a corner of the disco.

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