My first experience in Spain 2

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I already told you about my holiday day in Spain last time. With that sweet, handsome and hot boy Carlo. I have experienced more horny things so I will tell you a few more. Carlo had deflowered me the day before and said the day after that he would leave on Tuesday and that was just two days away, so I was a bit sad. He said we would just have to make the most of those two days, so we did.

It was now Sunday morning so we still had two days to go. I went to eat with him in the morning and saw him jerking off in his caravan and it made me very horny. Then suddenly I saw my girlfriend standing in his room. She was naked and sat in front of him. She grabbed his dick and started to jerk it. I couldn’t stand it and walked into the caravan. His friend had already seen me and grabbed me as I walked into the room. There was a chair and I was pushed onto the chair. He tied me up and I had nowhere to go.

In the meantime my girlfriend was already sucking him and she was already completely covered in cum. He looked at me and smiled broadly then sprayed a load of cum on my girlfriend. She took his cock out of her mouth and lay on the bed. He ducked down and started eating her. I was already super wet and his friend took my clothes off and started eating me. I screamed and came twice in just ten minutes. It was a wonderful feeling. Then he put his dick in my mouth and I started sucking him. I was going up and down wildly and he came soon.

I looked over to the bed and saw that Carlo was pumping my girlfriend nicely in her cunt. He came pretty quickly and so did she. Then she turned and he thrusted his dick quickly into her ass. Her hole was very tight so it didn’t go that fast, but after a while everything went very smoothly. His friend had quickly put his dick in my pussy and was going wild.

After five minutes Carlo and his friend stopped and then my girlfriend saw me. She was a little shocked but then came to me. She untied me and pushed me to the bed and Carlo and his friend held me tight. My girlfriend looked at my pussy and I saw her look really mean. She gave me a big slap on my cunt and I screamed in pain. She took two dildos and pushed one into my pussy and went up and down gently. The friend had tied my legs to the end of the bed and I was now stuck with my legs. He walked over to my friend and grabbed her from behind while she was working me.

She now put two thick dildos in my pussy. I was now so stretched and she took the dildos out and she put her hand in my pussy. To my surprise it fit and she was up to her wrist in my pussy and she went up and down hard. Moments later Carlo put his dick in my mouth and it was a great feeling. My girlfriend took her hand out of my pussy and started eating me and biting my clit gently. After three minutes they all stopped and untied me.

Now I could finally do what I wanted, I got up and walked over to Michelle (my girlfriend) and kissed her and grabbed her pussy and started fingering her violently and soon she came and I had to quickly lick up all the pussy juice before it hit the ground. I then walked over to Carlo and gave him a big slap in the face and pushed him on the bed and sat on him and his cock slid easily into my pussy and I went back and forth gently.

After two hours we were done with our horny feelings and we went for a swim. Carlo had fingered me there and then we went to the disco in the city of Genorble. It was really cool and we came back at 7 in the morning because we had fucked next to the road at night from 4 to 6:30 and that was also very hot. This was truly the day of my life.