My dull aunt

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I don’t want to go to Aunt Emmie stomped Angela. Angela was a girl of just eighteen years old with beautiful wavy blond hair and beautiful green eyes. Why do I have to go to that dull aunt on my weekend off. I’d rather go to my friend Cara. Stop it, her mother said, you are going to pack your things and go to your aunt. Grumbling, Angela went to her room. On the way she saw her father, “Daddy” she said flattering and sultry to her father, may I please go to Cara this weekend? Usually it helped if she acted like that to her father. But not this time, her father said “no, your mother urged me to say no, and I will”. “Cunt”, Angela said. “What did you say?”, her father said. “Oh nothing”, Angela replied and walked on grumbling.

That was a major setback. Usually her father gave (the apple of his eye) her way. Angela closed her suitcase with a bang and sat down on it demonstratively. There was nothing more that could be done and after a two-hour drive to the north, the family arrived at Auntie’s. Hello, her mother greeted her sister and gave her a full kiss on the mouth. Angela had never noticed this before and gave them a penetrating look. Her aunt looked at her mother very lovingly. Well it must be normal thought Angela and took a step towards her aunt. “How have you grown”, said her aunt and looked at her from head to toe. Angela felt her aunt’s inquisitive looks and just said “Hi, aunt” and gave her a kiss.

Well, come on in. We are going to have a nice weekend. Well, yes, Angela said under her breath. “We will leave immediately”, her father said, “otherwise we will be late for my colleague’s wedding”. “That’s okay”, said aunt. “Angela and I are going to have a great weekend, aren’t we Angela?”. “Hmm”, said Angela and said goodbye to her parents. “You will see that it will be much fun”, said her mother you will get to know her like I know my sister. “Well bye”, said aunt, and waved to the moving car.

“Your room is upstairs, up the stairs and then turn left, that’s my old room”, says aunt. “OK?”, Angela says and goes upstairs. Angela throws her suitcase on the bed and starts to sigh hard. Why does this have to happen to me. I spend the whole shit weekend here with an aunt who’s as dull as fuck. Well that will be a nice weekend, grumbled Angela sarcasticly. Bored, she got up and went to inspect the room. There was a box in the room. Leave your open, leave you closed, leave you open, leave you closed, leave you closed? What might I see?

Angela took the lid off and stood speechless for a moment. My aunt, no, that’s not possible and then Angela pulled out a sex book. “That’s horny”, Angela said, and started reading. Jesus what a horny story Angela sighed, and noticed that her fingers were already in her pussy. Her fingers moved faster and faster in an ever faster rhythm. Ahhh. Ahhhh Angela groaned and before she knew it she came with a groan. She got up quickly, startled. What if her aunt had heard her.

Angela walked to the door and opened it slowly. Fortunately nothing to see and Angela closed the door again. Angela went to the sink and cleaned herself again. Although Angela thought, what is this book doing here? Angela had become more curious about her aunt now. After she cleaned herself, Angela went back downstairs. Hi aunt, here I am again. And, says aunt, have you been able to find everything? Yes, aunt no problem and thought of the horny story she had just read. “So what are we going to do tonight?”, aunt asks. I don’t know. What were you thinking of? “Uh?”, aunt says. You call me Emmie. Okay Angela says, “well Emmie what did you have in mind?”.

Somehow Angela was a little excited. “Well”, aunt says, “it has been a while since I saw you, what a beautiful girl you have become”. You look a lot like your mother. Hhmm. I’ve never looked at it that way. Well you see what you look like, says auntie, well that’s what your mother used to look like. A real treat. You certainly have nothing to complain about lack of boys, huh? aunt says again. Do you already have a boyfriend? Yes aunt says Angela. You would say Emmie, Auntie says again. Yes Angela says again I have to get used to it. Getting used to the fact that at first I thought you were a dull aunt, and now I’m here.

Aunt walked up to her and bursted out. “You dear, naive little girl of mine”. She walked up to Angela and gave her a peck on the cheeks. Well, that is not too bad I hope? Sure enough, Emmie says Angela, and gave her aunt a kiss back, causing both of them to burst out laughing. Later they went to eat together, wash the dishes and watch some TV. They sat together on the couch and Angela felt more and more familiar with her aunt. Her aunt noticed this too and sat closer to her niece. At one point her aunt put an arm around her. Angela did not resist and snuggled close to her aunt. Angela thought that it felt good and immediately reminded herself of the sex book she had found in the afternoon. Her abdomen tickled, and it felt even better.

Auntie was now stroking her long blond locks and her neck. Emmie suddenly says Angela. How was mama in the old days? Your mama was some girl, no boy was safe from her. When she was your age, we just discovered sex together. What do you mean Emmie asks Angela. Euh says aunt, we were sisters of course and told each other everything and were curious about everything. So when the boy next door gave your mother a sex book, we read it together in our room. We giggled when we saw all that and were very excited. Angela again had a pleasant feeling in her abdomen. Go on Emmie she begged her aunt. Oh you like this, don’t you? Yes Angela sighed more and more heavily.

Her aunt turned more towards Angela. So it happened that her nightgown shifted a little. Angela could see her shapely breasts and kept looking at them. Auntie now says conspiringly, so we had that booklet from the boy next door and were lying in bed together. On the next page we saw two women making out together. We both got very excited and felt our panties getting wet. My sister looked at me and I looked at her in her beautiful green eyes. Suddenly I went forward and gave my sister a kiss. To my relief, your mother answered my kiss with a French kiss, and before we knew it we were in a close embrace with our pussies together. Auntie waited here to see what triggered her story with Angela and whether she was not shocked.

Angela was now lying back with her hands on her stomach. You think that’s a horny story, don’t you? When I talk about pussies. Yes aunt go on, Angela sighs deeply. Well I am lying on the bed with my sister and feel in her pants, her pussy was soaking wet. Lick me says my sister suddenly. So I go between her legs and start to lick her horny pussy. Oh god what is that good my sister moaned, go on. But then I said to your mother, but I also want to be licked, I’m wet too. So that’s how we started turning, until I could lick your mother’s pussy and she could lick mine. It was still a bit awkward, but we were still trying everything out.

Thats so horny Angela says and slowly pushed her hand down her own pants. Have you ever had sex with another girl? Well not really, Angela says, only while showering at the gym, I felt Cara’s pussy there. And aunt asked, was it good? It felt strange and Cara was not pleased with it. Do you want to feel my pussy aunt asks hopefully. Uh, what are you saying? Angela was already working in her pants. Yes come on she invited her aunt. Aunt would never let herself be told twice and started kissing Angela. First on her forehead, then the cheeks, and meanwhile she opened her niece’s nightgown. She felt her niece’s tiny pointed breasts with her hand. Meanwhile, Angela ran her hands between her aunt’s legs. Her aunt parted her legs so her niece could reach them better.

Oh Emmie, you don’t even have panties on. How horny. The inhibitions between the two were now completely gone. Oh come here you horny little slut, her aunt moaned I’m going to lick you like you’ve never been licked. Is that a promise? Angela asks mischievously. Angela now opened her legs wide. “Jesus, what a nice horny young pussy” says aunt. “Oh but it’s already well lubricated”, Angela says, “I still had a nice finger in there this afternoon”. There was a horny book and then I fingered myself. Immediately Angela pushes two fingers into her own pussy.

Her aunt now drunk with horniness, licking her fingers, her pussy and her stomach. Meanwhile, Angela’s fingers had moved from her own pussy to her aunt’s pussy. At eighteen, she displayed so much sophistication that her aunt groaned with pleasure. So, Angela says, I am your horny slut, so you can do what you want with me. Meanwhile, the horny juices were dripping from both pussies. Angela shifted for a moment, and moments later she was greedily sucking on her aunt’s pussy. “Jesus!”, she shouted to her aunt, I can’t hold it anymore. I’m gonna cum. Suddenly her aunt starts to shake and tremble and with a moan, that came all the way from her toes, her aunt came. Not long after, Angela began to moan. Yes, yes go on she begged her aunt I want to cum. Meanwhile, her aunt lay on top of her again, pressing her cunt against her niece’s. Come on baby, come on baby, your aunt is here, let it squirt out of your pussy. And with a groan that could be heard in Tokyo, Angela came screaming.

My goodness was that good. I have never had an orgasm this good, says Angela. Well that goes for me too, says aunt. When you came in this afternoon I was already horny and this is something I never dared to dream. It was some time ago, alone with a dildo is not always fun. Angela turned to her aunt and began to look for her mouth. After both mouths found each other, they began to deep kiss. They stayed together for a while and caressed each other. Well it is time to go back to bed, says aunt. Together they went upstairs and crawled into bed. Angela lies close to her aunt. After a while her hand goes back to her aunt’s legs. Her aunt turns around so they can look at each other. “What again?”, aunt says amused. Aunt I’m still so horny and I’m your horny little slut. Well then I also act like a horny little slut. My cunt is still itching. Her aunt then feels her niece between her legs. You are already wet again, you are really a horny bastard. “Yes, I know!” Angela says and without waiting she pushes two fingers into her aunt’s pussy.