My daughter-in-law

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I’m Harry, I am 33 years old. I have a son who is 18 years old and he has a girlfriend who is 19. one day my son said to me that he had a girlfriend. I was surprised. She wanted to meet me and my wife.

One evening my son and my daughter-in-law came home. They were a little bit exhausted from a nice day shopping, that I saw in their eyes. “Hello sir and madam”, greeted Priya, a nice Hindustan girl. “Hello Priya”, my wife and I replied. A little later, after dinner, we sat down on the couch to chat a bit.

Priya was a nice girl by the way, nice tits a nice ass, nice round lips, blissful. I would really like to fuck her, I thought to myself. And I kept looking and looking at her, but she noticed that I was looking at her.

I asked her very polite: “Why don’t you spent the night here, we have plenty of room”. “Yes, I would love that”, answered Priya. My son was surprised and was wondering if Priya’s parents would agree to her sleeping over. Priya reassured him and said “I love you and my parents know you. It’s fine”.

That night, Priya was wearing my wife’s nicest nightgown. It was a bit transparent and I could see her entire body. I asked her if she was not ashamed to wear that nightgown. She replied that she knew I wanted to fuck her and she also said that she also wanted to feel my nice big cock.

At 3:00am Priya came downstairs and asked me for a glass of water but she knew I still had to finish some files called “sex files”. And she started to peek a little bit at what I was doing and she had caught me again. She saw me ripping that big cock off me and she started jerking me off. She asked if I mind, I said no feel free to continue.

She sat on me and we started to kiss each other. Her nice tongue against mine, a nice and young tongue. She dropped on her knees and her mouth came closer to my cock. With her little round mouth suck sucked on my cock. It was nice how she jerked and sucked. She sucked so hard that I thought I should go to the hospital to have her mouth removed.

Now I got my mouth close to her tight yummy pussy. Hindustani pussy is so tasty. I ate her out, it was so delicious. Suddenly she just screamed that we had to go into the garden to fuck in the shed. So, of course, we went outside to the shed.

There she turned around and I put my lovely cock in front of her wet pussy and rammed it in so hard that she couldn’t keep in her screams of pleasure. She moaned that she wanted me to fuck her harder and harder. If you want it harder, you can get it harder, I thought.

I took my cock out and I rammed it in one go in her hot ass. She screamed of pain, but I kept fucking her. The pain went away and turned into pleasure. I fucked her faster and faster and then she came squirting.

I pulled my dick out and pushed her down on her knees. She opened her mouth and I came in her mouth. Every now and then when my daughter-in-law comes we go to a hotel room and I fuck her very hard over and over again.