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This summer I went on holiday with my parents in Corfu. Since I was single, I immediately started looking for the masculine beauty. Some old friends of mine were already turning me on just by looking at them. I tried to seduce them by putting on my shortest dress when we went out together. Of course they immediately got a boner at the sight of my tanned legs and my shapely tits that were half sticking out. I noticed that immediately and asked one of the two if we were going for a walk on the beach. After saying something to his friends, he agreed and we left.

When we arrived at the beach he asked if we could sit somewhere and I knew why from the look in his eyes. After checking if no one was around, I agreed. I was barely sitting when he started massaging my breasts and my nipples got stiff. I started taking off his pants and started jerking him off. His dick was hard right waway. I asked him if he wanted to finger me but that was not necessary as his hand was already on its way to my wet pussy.

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The three guys in front of me came at the same time and squirted in my mouth and on my tits. This made me hornier and made me cum quickly at the same time as the guy who grabbed me from behind. The only one who continued was Ali who now started to thrust even harder, which was wonderful.

When he squirted, I felt his cum get into my pussy. After we did it a few more times we finally went to the disco where we danced ourselves to death.