Jasper's mother

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It was on a Saturday evening in September. I was staying with my best friend Jasper. It had been very hot that Saturday and actually all week, but luckily Jasper had a small pool in the backyard. That afternoon we had swum and Jasper’s mother Elsa swam with us. I had never actually thought Elsa ugly, but also never as a lust object.

She came out in a bathrobe, you could see almost nothing of her body except her feet. And then it happened. She took off her bathrobe. She looked super horny. She wore a bikini with a thong, she had beautiful long legs and a tight stomach with very large breasts. She dived into the water and I saw how her gigantic breasts moved up and down. Again I liked it very much and thought about what she would look like without that bikini and thong.

We started playing a game, the intention was that you had to take each other on the neck and then try to throw the third off. First Jasper went on Elsa’s shoulders. Whenever I tried to push Jasper I accidentally ran my hand along her breasts, I just needed to know how she felt. They were silky soft yet supple and sturdy. Actually, they were the perfect breasts.

Then I had to sit on Elsa’s shoulders. When I sat on her shoulders she said I was sitting on her hair and that it hurts. I took my hands away from her head so she could reach her hair. But when jasper did not look for a moment, she squeezed my cock hard and said softly, “I know that you keep touching my breasts on purpose. I don’t mind if you fuck me well”. I was shocked! I already had a hard cock, but now she made it worse by jerking me off very quickly by putting her hand on my cock and quickly running over it.

Later that day Elsa dressed very smartly. She was wearing a dress with a very low cleavage. Whenever Jasper walked off the table she looked at me very horny and pulled her dress down a bit so I could see the edge of her nipples. When Jasper had to go to the toilet, Elsa put her hand in my crotch and started stroking my dick, which immediately became very hard.

She whispered in my ear that I had to come to her room at 1 o’clock tonight and that I could fuck her hard. At that point, Jasper came in and we just continued to eat. When we finished eating we went upstairs to Jasper’s room to play PlayStation games.

Just before we went to sleep we watched some television, we also watched some porn that made me think about Elsa again. When Jasper was asleep I went to Elsa’s room. I didn’t knock but went straight in. I couldn’t see anything because it was pitch dark in the room. I looked for the light switch and turned on the light.

There was Elsa in a lingerie suit with her breasts half sticking out and her bald pussy uncovered. I immediately got a rock-hard cock. I was nervous and asked what to do. She told me to take off my pants first. I sat on the edge of the bed and took off my pants and my underwear.

My dick shot out and Elsa came to me and knelt before me. She took my rock hard dick and sucked me divinely and I came very quickly. To my surprise, Elsa swallowed everything I sprayed in her mouth and she loved it.

She got up and sat on my face and told me to eat her pussy. But I didn’t know how to do that so I stuck out my tongue and started licking around her clit a bit, I now got the hang of it and started sucking it with my lips too.

She was screaming now and cumming on my face. She got up again and now sat down on my still stiff dick and started to ride her wet pussy over it, that felt so good, I soon came again.

Now she bent over and told me to fuck her ass. I didn’t know if I could cum three times but my dick was still standing so I grabbed her ass. I went into it slowly but soon started to go harder and after a few minutes I came and I sprayed my cum deep in her ass.

When we were done she suddenly started kissing me. We were talking for another hour and then I went back to Jasper’s room. And this was the first time with her, but certainly not the last.