It will only be your mother-in-law

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Not long ago my mother-in-law stayed with us. She had just moved and wanted to escape the hustle and bustle for a while. She was relaxing in the broadest sense of the word. My mother-in-law (her name is Anna) is almost 60 and still looks lovely for her age. She has nice round breasts and a lovely butt. Not that she advertises it, but a trained eye sees everything.

On a warm day I was at home with her and we got involved in a good conversation. We sat in the sun while enjoying a glass of wine and talking about anything and everything. After two glasses Anna became much looser than she used to be. The buttons on her dress she unbuttoned one by one to cool her legs and chest. Of course I poured her another glass of wine. As she sat sipping contentedly, I let my gaze slide across her body in admiration. She looked really hot. Too bad she was still wearing a bra, I thought to myself.

I steered the conversation toward warmth and said I was glad I wasn’t a woman. She asked why and I answered that I would have to wear those extra clothes and that with this heat it would be very annoying. She didn’t understand what I meant. I told her it would be very annoying to have to wear a bra with that warmth. She agreed. I told her I wouldn’t mind if she took it off. She didn’t have to think long and unclipped her bra under her dress, pulled her arms through and pulled it out along one armhole of her dress. She said it did feel a lot nicer. And it’s a lot more fun to watch I said.

I could now clearly see the outline of her breasts. I was raving about it when she asked why I was still wearing jeans with these temperatures. Touché. I agreed and took off my pants. I saw that she was looking at my crotch with that super horny look she always has in her eyes. She shifted in her chair and put her hand between her thighs. I pretended not to see it and sat down. She said that must feel better. Sure, I said, slipping my hand into my shorts to put my dick properly. I saw her look and saw her hand move between her thighs.

I poured her the fourth glass of wine and sat down for it. Her nipples were now rock hard and protruded well through the fabric of her dress. It looked so tempting, my cock started to grow. That did not go unnoticed by her. I saw her gasping as she watched the swelling of my cock. She licked her lips and took another sip. I waited for her to look at me and asked her if she liked what she saw. Confused, she asked what I meant and blushed. I took a gamble and took my now completely stiff dick out of my shorts. This, I said. Do you like this?

She changed color but still looked closely at what I was telling her. Carefully she reached out and grabbed it. She gently slid her hand over my dick and pulled it gently. My head came out and proudly showed its purple head. I got up and stood in front of her. She moved back and forth between her thighs with one hand and pulled on my pole with the other. I asked her if I shouldn’t take over the work of her hand between her thighs. She looked at me, swallowed, and in response let her legs slide apart.

I knelt in front of her and lifted her dress. I pulled her panties down and suddenly had a beautiful view of a delicious ripe plum. I grunted approvingly and gently kissed her thighs. She groaned and slid back in her chair so that I could reach it. Her pussy was already wide open and soaking wet. I ran my tongue over her lips and sucked on her tickler. She groaned with pleasure. I’ve always known, my mother-in-law is just terribly hot. I penetrated her wet slit with my tongue and tasted her pussy juices. She took my head and shoved it between her thighs. She groaned again and squeezed her thighs hard. She came for the first time.

She took off her dress and I could finally see her beautiful, firm breasts. I grabbed them and kissed her nipples. With one hand around my dick again she jerking me of harder. She had put her other hand on my bottom and pulled me towards her. I kissed her and asked what she really wanted. She groaned and mumbled something. She frantically pulled my dick and pulled me against her. I asked again what she wanted. I want you to fuck me, she said. So I thought, my mother-in-law is more horny than I thought.

I straightened up and pulled her up with me. I took her to the lawn and lay down. She lay down next to me and grabbed my dick again. I want it inside, she moaned. I couldn’t wait to drill my pole into her juicy, ripe plum but I did it. I kissed her deeply and massaged her tickler. She couldn’t take it anymore and came again. Fuck me! she screamed in my ear and pulled me over. Okay then. Slowly I drilled my dick between her soaking wet lips. I carefully slid it all the way in and looked at her. She glared back and begged me to ride her harder.

I pumped my rock-hard pole up and down hard and it wasn’t long before she came for the third time. Now you are going to do me a favor, I thought. I pulled my cock out of her lovely cave and knelt next to her. I held out my wet dick. She looked at it and grabbed it. She gently slid her tongue over my head and licked up her own pussy juices. She got the hang of it and let my cock slide further and further into her mouth. She gave me a really nice blowjob.

As I saw my mother-in-law now, sucking on my hard cock, it didn’t take long before I got an irrepressible desire to squirt. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and aimed at her face. She pulled it a few more times and massaged my balls. With a big beam, my seed freed itself and hit her face. Ray after ray shot out and ran down her forehead, nose and lips. She sucked my dick back in her mouth and sucked out the last drops.

Satisfied, she looked up and said she liked it and wanted to do this more often. That was the beginning of an intense sex relationship with Anna. I can tell about many adventures that I had with her, but I will save that for another time.