It got even better

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Joan was bored in front of the TV. Except for the news there was nothing on and even the news didn’t have much to tell her either. She missed the pirate transmitter, because that was always fun. She had enough fantasy, but reality is always better. In the end she decided to go to the cinema. Perhaps she could find distraction there and be less reminded of that itchy feeling all over her body.

She quickly slipped on a jacket over her Madonna blouse and miniskirt and jumped on her bicycle. Halfway through it got a bit cold. Suddenly she remembered that she was not wearing any panties. It was easier to touch herself while watching TV. For a moment she considered going back to her room, but the wind brushed her ticklish thighs and cooled that though. Still she drove on. She arrived just in time for the main movie. Panting from the hard cycling, she fell down in a chair.

When her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, she saw that the cinema was almost empty. Seated in the front row were the well-known old men, already with their hands in their pockets, searching for what had once been their clubs of pleasure. Behind her was a young man who seemed to be more interested in a girl up front than in the movie. After the first song -of course Joan went to a sex cinema- the itching became unbearable.

“Did I do well to go to a movie like that?” she wondered. But yes, she already paid for the movie, so she just stayed put. Unconsciously, she shifted back and forth on the chair to get rid of that itch in her asshole. “Can’t you sit still?” asked the man behind her, “I’m just bouncing back and forth to follow the movie.” “Come and sit next to me” said Joan, “then you can bump in to me.” She was shocked, because she never wanted to say that. But too late. The boy already climbed over the chair and sat down next to her.

Joan remained seated frozen. Even when she felt a hand touch her knee, she didn’t move. “Did you mean this” she heard in her ear. But before she could answer, the hand slid up. When the fingers touched her curly pubic hair, it got stuck. But after a while the investigation continued. The fingers gently touched her labia. “Do you like this?” asked the voice. Joan could only nod, her throat was that dry. On the white screen, a dick just slid in some wet cunt.

Involuntarily she moved her pelvis forward so that the boy’s hand slid inside her. Joan withdrew with a groan. This couldn’t be done in a cinema with a strange man. But he too had gotten jitters by now. “Don’t you ever wear pants when you go to the cinema?” he asked, running his middle finger over her growing clit. Without answering she grabbed his dick. The boy quickly opened his fly. Joan felt the hard throbbing rod in her hand and then she forgot everything.

She leaned forward and took the smooth head between her lips. The boy groaned but sat still. Gently she bit into that warm throbbing thing in her mouth and rubbed her moist cunt against the soft hand. Gently the boy pressed her down. They fell to the ground with a thud. The breath came whistling from his lips. He quickly pulled his dick out of her greedy mouth. But whatever he wanted to do. He didn’t get a chance. She took his cock and stuck it between her sopping labia.

“Fuck me, fuck me? She could only stammer. And he did. Shocking and groaning he came. But Joan was not that far yet. His dick went in and out of her pussy. Yes, there she climaxed. She let out a scream, so that all the old men suddenly looked back, where of course nothing was to be seen. “Shall we go somewhere else?” Asked the boy. She nodded speechlessly. When they came out and put their clothes in order, the choice was quickly made.

Kevin — this is how the boy had introduced himself — went to her room. Once there, they didn’t know how quickly to throw their clothes off. Without saying a word, Joan threw Kevin back on the bed. The itching had become unbearable by now and she jumped on him. With one movement, she bumped her shocking lower body onto the stiff cock. Kevin groaned. That hurt. He had never been fucked like this before. Joan reached behind her beautiful firm ass and slowly began to massage Kevin’s balls. When she felt him cumming she pulled back and squeezed his cock. He felt the semen flow suddenly reversed. “Don’t cum that fast” she gasped in his ear. First, show what you can do.

That was easier said than done. Kevin thought he had quite a lot of experience, but this was different. He stroked her small firm breasts. Her nipples stood out. He pulled them carefully, but that was too little for Joan. Bite it, she groaned. He did, slipping his finger into her moist crack. She moved to sit on him. He felt his dick disappear into a damp hole, but the feeling was different from before. She seemed to have tightened.

Suddenly he felt his pounding dick against his own finger. Then he realized. He fucked her in the asshole. They orgasmed right away screaming. Neither of them had experienced that before. Joan could not stop and she came for the second time. They were so busy that they did not even hear that the room door opened and fellow room resident Jordi entered. When he saw the shocking bodies there, he didn’t think twice. He stripped off his clothes and jumped onto the writhing bodies. Then it got even better…