Internship report

8.6  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 12m blowjob office straight stranger

Whenever I sit behind my computer screen, I take a look to the left at the door. How come? I’ll tell you. I am a 3rd year advertising student and I am doing an internship this year. The company where I am is a sole proprietorship and this means it’s not a large company. It is also often quiet because my ‘boss’ spends a lot of time on location, because he is the director. As a result, I spend a lot of time alone in the office and have to pay attention to the telephone and the doorbell. The latter went on a day when I was also alone. I pressed the button and mentioned the name of the company first and then my own. On the other side came a friendly female voice that I recognized: “Hello, I am Johan’s wife (Johan is my boss) is he there at the moment?” “No, ma’am, he’s on location.” “Oh, but can you let me in, because then I can meet you too.” “Sure”, I pressed the button to unlock the front door and went back to my computer.

I heard the creak of the stairs in the distance and then the footsteps coming towards me. I had only spoken to her on the phone and that had been a very short time. I also found a photo on my boss’s hard drive. The door opened and I had to get used to the light coming in. “Hi, you must be Derek”, she said and walked over to me. I jumped from my keyboard and shook her hand. I felt her cold, yet nice handshake in a flash. “Afterwards I also knew that Johan was gone”, she said. “But I had to be here to get the camera.” She walked over to a bag in a corner. As she squatted down I saw her ass crawling tightly into her jeans. I swallowed and went back to my computer. “And how are you doing here?” She asked from the other side of the office. I looked in the direction the sound was coming from, my attention was drawn back to her bottom. “Uh, well, I guess, uh,” I said. I had trouble with my speech. This had never happened to me. She got up and I saw that she had a small camera in her hands. “Found it!”

She sighed and walked over to me. She got behind me and asked what I was doing. “I’m making a video that your husband needs,” I stammered. She was so close to me that I smelled her perfume. The smell made me even more aroused, I didn’t know why. She moved closer to me and put her hand on mine with which I used the mouse. I felt the pleasant cold of her hands again. She moved the mouse over the screen and clicked on a number of windows. I had completely forgotten that I had a site open with naked women. Suddenly the breasts flew into view. I suddenly got very hot and wanted to crawl away. “Hmm, what is this?” She asked. The calm in her voice astonished me for a moment. “Uh, well, I wanted to use this, for, uh,” “You like this, right?” She grabbed my hand and brought it to her breasts.

I felt the cold of her hand on one side of my hand and the warmth of her body on the other. My penis began to wake up in my pants. “Ma’am, I, uh,” “Shh, hush,” she whispered to me. She let go of my hand. I was in no rush to get him off his spot. I felt myself shaking. She took a step back and took off her coat. Under her coat was a red blouse. She also began to carefully unbutton it and pulled it off. The room in my boxer shorts kept getting smaller as my penis grew. What a wonderful body this woman had. “Not what you expected, from someone of 35?” She said. I couldn’t get a word out of my mouth. She took another step closer. Her breasts were all I could see. Then she knelt in front of me, turned the office chair a bit and started unbuttoning my pants.

Button by button I felt more excited. She slid her hand into my boxer. The cold was surprising and delicious! She suddenly grabbed my penis and gave it soft, controlled jerks. I looked at her with wide eyes. She took her hand out of my boxer. She took the back of my pants with both hands and pulled them off. The boxer shorts were stripped in the same way. I allowed it all. I had gotten really horny, so why should I stop. She beckoned me to take off my T-shirt. The moment I tried to pull my t-shirt over my head, I felt a warmth around my penis. When I took off the shirt I saw that her head was in my lap. Her head moved slowly up and down at first, but I felt her increase the tempo. I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I started to caress her. Man, how good this felt, I thought to myself. I felt her tongue find the most sensitive parts, and then she stopped.

She got up and began to take off her pants. She was now only wearing red lace panties. But I didn’t get to see it for long, because before I knew it she had finished it. “You don’t mind doing it with your boss’s wife, right?” She asked. “Well, uh,” but I was kidding myself. I was ready to take her all the way. She had a body that you would and could go through fire for. I got up and put my hands on her hips. She turned and told me to follow her. We went to the center of the office. She would have chosen the place because there would be more space. She lay down and spread her legs. I also lay down on the floor and got on top of her. I brought my penis to her vagina and gently pushed it in. Suddenly it was sucked in and I heard a delighted sigh from the woman below me. She started to move gently and I joined her. “Kiss me.” She whispered and I followed out her wish. Our lips got wet from each other. I felt the wonderful warmth around my penis.

She kept groaning louder. Then I realized that we were not alone in the building and to mute her a bit I kissed her again. Our tongues flew past each other violently. The moment we longed-for came closer and closer. She kept moving more and more and I could hardly hold it anymore. Our sweaty bodies slid past each other. I thrust my penis back and forth. I couldn’t hold it anymore, kissing also became more difficult. She groaned and that made me hornier. Before long, my body tensed a few more times to push the last pushes out. She clutched my ass tightly. And squeezed again and then her grip slackened. She sighed deeply and opened her eyes. She laughed. What a beautiful smile was the first thing that came to mind.

I smiled back and lowered myself. I put my head between her breasts. Sweat was running down my forehead, but I didn’t care. This was the best thing I had ever experienced. She kissed my hair and her hands caressed my back. We lay like this for another hour. We talked a bit and then she left. Often when my boss leaves the doorbell rings, I don’t even have to ask who it is anymore, I just let her in.