In the woods

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I was only 18 years old at the time and every night I sat down with my friends by a large lake in the forest. This story is about that one night, a very hot summer night.

I was in love with a girl who was always in the group, but she already had a boyfriend. She was also 18 years old at the time and had blond hair till just above her shoulders. I would let her know very often that I wanted something with her, however, it took a while before she actually realized that I meant it.

So we were sitting by the lake on that hot summer evening, we had all just swum when we were all out of the water and had a drink. After a while I went back into the water because I needed to cool down a bit. When I had cooled down I got out of the water and I walked in the direction of the group.

Suddenly I was pushed into the water and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Karen, the girl I was in love with had pushed me into the water again. I walked up to her and said it now was her turn to get wet. But she struggled a bit, so I then lifted her up and walked deeper and deeper in the water. Then I let her go and she was also soaking wet.

I felt something strange go through my body when we had eye contact, we must have stood against each other for about 10 minutes. Suddenly we were both startled, sand was thrown on us by a friend of mine. I went after him and asked if he could leave us alone for a while because we were talking. Thank God he said yes, “Yeah sure, no problem. I won’t say a thing, but let me know what happens”, he said and walked away again.

I went back to Karen and we went even deeper into the water and further behind the hills. She said she had feelings for me and I said I was in love with her. Before she could answer I kissed her and she was liking it a lot. I was surprised when I felt her hand slide into my swimming trunks, which prompted me to take off her top and soon we were standing naked against each other.

She jerked me off while I was fingering her and our tongues played a hot game with each other. I said to her that I wanted to fuck her right now, she told me she wanted it too. In a moment I stuck my dick inside her. I felt she was still a virgin when I pierced her membrane. She said it hurt a bit, but soon after she enjoyed it so much.

We raged violently and both came at the same time. We looked around us in shock to see if someone had seen us, but everyone had already left. Only our towels were still by the bench where we were all sitting.

One weekend I was home alone, the entire weekend. So I asked if she wanted to sleepover at my house, she would. Once at my house, we sat on the terrace with a nice glass of soda. In the meantime I had already turned on the barbecue and we had a delicious meal.

After dinner we had done the dishes together and we lay down in the garden. Suddenly she took my clothes off and I hers. She sat on me with her legs wide apart and started to slide slowly up and down on my already stiff pole.

I asked her if she wanted to do a different position and she wanted it. She got on all fours and I pushed it in her ass from behind. She loved it! We came again quickly. We then took a bath together and we had sex again.

That same night she had called her boyfriend to say it was over. She was now with me and we have been together for 5 years now and everything is just as exciting as it was then on that hot summer evening.