In the car

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I had never done or had anything with a boy. Not surprising really, because I’m straight. Or so I thought. Yet lately I’ve been fantasizing more and more about what sex with a boy would be like. I used to look on a sex chat site and one night I also heard a guy who was looking for something “exciting”. I responded because I was already very horny at the time.

After talking a bit dirty over the phone, I thought it was now or never. He lived not far away and I had a car.Long story short, half an hour later I was in the car on my way to my first sex date with a boy! We had already agreed not to go too far the first time and stick to some jerking off. But that didn’t matter at all to me, just the mere thought of being jerked off by a boy made me so horny!

Half an hour later I was at the location where we had agreed. Together we drove to a quiet place, a dead end somewhere along the highway. And then it was going to happen! I moved my chair back, took off my coat, and let it continue. First he ran his hand over my pants. He felt my penis. With that one touch I felt that my penis was already getting stiff. He noticed that too, because he opened the button of my pants and put his hand in my boxer shorts.

Oh how horny this made me! I already had a huge erect penis! He carefully unzipped my pants, then slid down my boxer shorts and saw what I had already felt: a big erect penis. I was really horny. Never before had I shown my boner to a boy. And now I was lying here in my own car, with my pants down, while the other person was still wearing everything.

The boy continued. He put his hand around my hard penis and began to jerk off. Very quietly and slowly getting louder. In the meantime he kneaded my balls with his other hand. I didn’t know what I was feeling. My penis was now fully erect. I shivered with pleasure at the sight of my own throbbing thick purple head.

This couldn’t last long! He noticed that too because he started to jerk on my penis more and more wildly. I lay down even better and surrendered completely to this strange boy. I was so horny now that I wanted nothing more for him to see it too. I realized that for the first time in my life, a boy would watch me cum. How my cum would spray from my throbbing dickhead.

While I was still working on these thoughts I felt it was really going to happen. The boy kept jerking and I couldn’t hold it anymore. My seed had to come out now! Muscles contracted, my cock got thicker and more purple and then it happened: the sperm spurted out of my erect penis. Because I was so horny, the cum shot right up to my chin.

The boy kept going and I kept on spraying. His hand was covered with white fluid and the area between my chin and my penis was covered with thick and thin blobs of semen. The orgasm that this stranger had given me was overwhelming. Apparently he thought so too, for he had watched my outbursts of semen with amazement. It was an unforgettable experience, there in my own car that special night.