Home alone for the weekend

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Hi, The other day I was home alone for the weekend, my parents were away for the weekend and I was chatting with a girl. I was telling her that I was home alone for the weekend etc. She asked if that was not a bit boring. It was true that, it is indeed a bit. She asked if it was okay if she came by. I thought it was okay, at least it wouldn’t be so boring anymore. So I shut off the pc and put some drinks in the fridge.

A few minutes later the bell rings and she is at the door, I open the door and she takes off her coat, she is dressed very sexy. We sit on the sofa and start talking. A little later she put her hand on my leg, I looked at her and I saw that she had a horny look in her eyes. I wanted more so I left her on my leg and let my hand slowly descend to her pussy. Our lips approached until they touched, we began to tongue.

I said, “let’s go to my bedroom”, she agreed. Once in my bedroom I started undressing her slowly, she had lovely big breasts with now hardened nipples. Then I took off her skirt and noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties, this made me really horny and my dick almost jumped out of my pants.

She also started to undress me until I only had my boxer on, she put her hand on my boxer and started playing with my dick. Not much later the boxer was off and we jumped on my double bed. I put a finger in her pussy and started fingering her nicely her labia continued to part as I went faster, she started to moan and then I added my 2nd finger. It felt great I was going faster and faster and she said that she was cumming and not much later her body contracted, the muscles in her cave conracted around my fingers. My whole hand was wet and there was a wet spot on my bed from her delicious horny.

I started jerking myself, but she didn’t want that, she wanted to jerk me off. So I lay down and she starts to pull on my dick me wonderfully. I started to pant and I soon felt the orgasm approaching, I say that I almost have to cum and start panting faster and faster. She is going faster and faster and not much later I feel the wonderful feeling flowing through my entire body. She thinks it’s so horny and when I pressed my finger on her clit she came too.

We both rested for a while. After this I put her back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs. I lay half on the bed and start eating her slowly, this is so good licking a shaved pussy. First I start to lick her clitoris, she starts to moan, then I went to lick her whole pussy and then I push my tongue in. I continued to eat her pussy but with my hands I started kneading her breasts nicely. I pushed my tongue into her pussy one more time and then she came moaning really hard.

She then asked if I wanted to put my dick between her tits, I did, then she starts kneading her tits with my dick in between. This feels really good and not long afterwards I spray my load in her mouth. Then I asked if she wanted to give me a blowjob, she immediately jumped up and started to suck on my dick which was completely stiff again. She did this wonderfully. And I kept saying “faster”, encouraging her to do really well. A few minutes later I sprayed her mouth completely full again. I was so exhausted that I had to rest for a while.

When I regained my senses she suggested trying a 69, no sooner said than done. I lay on her and start licking her lovely shaved pussy again and she started sucking my stiff cock. A few minutes later I said that I felt it coming again, this excited her even more and she said that she felt it also again, a minute later we both came together. Then she started to dance for me that turned me on so that my dick was hard again. Then she asked if I wanted to fuck her.

She lay down with her legs wide, I put my dick nicely in her warm cunt, and I started to thrust a little faster and faster, she yells “Harder! Faster!” and moans nice and hard. She says that she feels it coming again and not much later she cums wonderfully again, this excites me again that I also cum in half a minute. We fall into each other arms, exhausted, our sweaty bodies against each other, so we lay for almost fifteen minutes.

I got up and walked to the shower, when I was taking a shower, she came in. She ran the bath and got in. I got out of the shower and started drying myself again. Then I sat down on the edge of the tub, she started splashing me playfully with water, and she said you can come in if you want. When we were in the bath like that we were both horny again I started to caress her nicely, she asked if I wanted to take her doggy, I let some water run out and then she put her delicious ass back and pushed my dick in her pussy and started to thrust hard. About ten minutes later we both came back delicious. Then I lay down in the bath again and she lay on top of me and started to ride me wildly, unfortunately we no longer had an orgasm.

Half an hour later we were sitting in the living room by a crackling fireplace. We snuggled together for another half hour and then she went home again. The next day she came over again and we had very good sex, again. This will probably happen more often when I or she is home alone for a while.