Holiday love

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It was in a hot summer that I when this awesome experience happend. I still had to go on holiday with my parents, what a misery. But I hadn’t had a girlfriend in a few weeks, so I was determined to enjoy it properly. We went on vacation to Hungary. Almost every summer it gets very hot, so you guessed it.

When we arrived at the campsite, my eyes were surprised: what a feminine beauty. Hungarian, but trust me, there is nothing wrong with that. I had helped unpack and decided to explore the campsite. Soon I had a good time with some beautiful views. I found out that night there was a hot foam party in the clubhouse. Of course I had to be there. I then walked back to my parents.

What I saw along the way you will not even believe, not even if I would have taken a picture. She was so beautiful, and her figure… you don’t even dream like that in your wildest dreams. But to my great surprise, she came up to me. And asked, “I’m going to the clubhouse tonight, would you like to come with me?”. I couldn’t say no to that of course and so I decided to make it a date.

She came to pick me up that night. She had put on a very seductive outfit, she was just about naked. I already felt butterflies when I saw her. She said: “Hey sweetie, how horny are you today, because I have become quite hot from these temperatures. And all these Hungarians in my neighborhood are not much use to me if you know what I mean”. Well I soon realized what she wanted.

We walked to the clubhouse. On the way she said, “You know, I don’t feel like getting wet in the foam and all, I think looking at you is already making me wet. Shall we go somewhere else? I looked at her, and saw a super horny look in her eyes, so I decided to go with her. My dick was already starting to grow quite a bit.

After walking a few meters we found a reasonable sheltered place. She turned and looked at me and said “look at me”. She started caressing herself with full discretion and very softly moaning of pleasure. It was so horny to watch her. After a few seconds she had taken all her clothes off.

She let me come close to her and she opened my pants. She took my dick out of my pants and started sucking it hard. She acted as if her life depended on it. I almost came when she stopped. She laid down on her back and spread her legs wide and screamed at me, “Fuck me, fuck me… Take me hard”. I put my pole in her soaking wet cunt and she starter moaning louder and louder she, cries of pleasure.

Finally she came. All her pussy juices flowed down my legs. “Take me from behind, fuck me in the ass” she begged. I turned her over and saw her nice soft ass pointing towards me. I carried on in good spirits. This time it was so good, we came together in a matter of minutes. Then we went to the clubhouse for a while. To cool down and have some drinks. We are still in touch, but she just remains a holiday love.