Holiday in Provence

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Hello everyone, this is a vacation story from Provence. I wrote a story before on this site, it was about catching fish in the fishing hole. Before I start with our story I will introduce ourselves. I am Luke, 26 years old with black hair and my wife is Ellen, 25 years old with brown hair nice tits. Martine, 27 years black hair and just a bit bigger tits than my wife. And Martine’s husband Marc, 28 years brown hair. Sabine, Ellen’s younger sister, 24 years blond long hair 100c cups and her boyfriend Rob, 24 years blond hair. Vannessa, 28 years brown short hair and really big tits. And Vannessa’s husband Steve, 27 years brown hair.

We have our own lingerie store and through a friend of ours we went on holiday with the four couples in Provence this summer in a large house with its own swimming pool, etc. The house in Provence is located in a very remote area and has 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms in addition to a large swimming pool. When we arrived at the trainstation, two cars were waiting for us to take us to the house. The owner said there was a problem with the air conditioning in the bedrooms, which did not work in three of them. He did suggest that we could move the beds if we wanted to.

Once we arrived at the house, we settled in, but as the air conditioning was not working we had a problem with the distribution of the rooms as everyone wanted to sleep in the air-conditioned room. After we moved the beds, to install them in that one bedroom, we had only one solution. If we all wanted to sleep in that room, we had to make one big bed and all sleep together.

The owner of the house had provided a cold buffet on the first evening and 5 bottles of champange and the necessary wine. In the meantime it was already 5 pm and we proposed to have an glass of champagne on the terrace. The ladies suggested that the men set the table while they were getting ready. Ellen had put on a salmon-colored mini dress for the occasion with no panties underneath (she forgot for sure). Martine was dressed in a white see-through blouse without a bra and jeans shorts so small that her butt was sticking out. Sabine was wearing a long beige swimsuit with her brown back completely uncovered, and small pants that you could clearly see through when she stood in the backlight. Vannessa was wearing a pink blouse with a black bra and a short black skirt.

After the champagne corks were shot in the air, we sounded on our vacation. After a few glasses, the atmosphere was already good and the girls started to get warm. They then suggested walking topless during the entire vacation to save dirty laundry. They immediately took of some clothes and exposed their beautiful breasts. It was only then that Ellen realized that she was not wearing any panties. And since she was almost completely shaved, just a very small runway, she was there naked. She suggested that the others also take off their panties and the men also their clothes.

We couldn’t be seen in anyway and we would save even more laundry. After we had a bit more to drink together, there was a bit of flirtation here and there. We had put on some pleasant music in the meantime. And slow dancing with a naked woman is not an easy thing for a man who also has had a drink. It didn’t take long before all eight of us were flirting with each other.

Marc was licking Vannessa’s beautiful pussy, while Martine gave Rob a good suck (which she had done with me for the first time). In the meantime, Steven was already a bit further and was giving Ellen a good fuck doggystyle and I was eating out Sabine. Looking at her beautiful breasts with she herself was playing. After a few minutes we switched partners and so we went on until we all came for the first time.

I can assure you that this was often the case in the next fourteen days, but I will tell about that in the next episode of vacation in Provence.

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