Holiday in Provence 2

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Hello, as promised I will tell you another experience from Provence. The giant bed. As you could already read in my previous story, we had installed a large bed. Rob and Steve would provide a pampered breakfast this morning and at about 9 o’clock they left for the supermarket. Of course we stayed in bed (sleeping?) because they would serve breakfast in bed.

We were awake of course and Ellen was lying next to Sabine this morning. Sabine had said the night before that one of her wishes was to have a good orgasm with another woman, she wanted to know if it was true that making love with a woman was so much more blissful than with a man. Ellen, who is bisexual, started to put her money where her mouth was and began to gently lick Sabine’s ears and whisper sweet words into them.

It probably must have been horny words because Sabine started to really enjoy it. She stretched out her arms above her head and slightly curved her beautiful body. After a while it went from the ears towards her beautiful breasts and after Ellen had licked her nipples they protruded like two solid shiny marbles. After we had watched this beautiful spectacle, we were of course also excited and Vannessa was already enjoying a blowjob with Luke’s dick.

Meanwhile, Marc was eating Martine’s juicy pussy because she just had to pee and there had been no more paper so she couldn’t dry her pussy. Ellen had meanwhile put herself in the 69 pose for some time and both were eating each other’s pussy. Sabine came after a few minutes and I think the whole village could have heard.

Luke and Marc had changed partners and I had drilled my beautiful cock into Martine’s anus and was ass-fucking her very well. Vannessa had sat on top of Marc and was fucking so well, sliding his hard cock deep into her pussy and then almost letting him out again. It didn’t take long before they had to unload their loads of sperm up their ass and pussy.

Sabine had meanwhile sat with her pussy over Ellen’s head and said she had to pee. Ellen said she could put it in her mouth and she would drink it all. With some effort she started her fountain and the urine spurted straight into Ellen’s mouth, who drank as much of it as she could. Rob and Steve had arrived with the breakfast and walked in just in time to witness this final spectacle.

They said that someone else had to take care of the breakfast tomorrow because they also wanted to participate in the spectacle the next morning. The rest of the vacation we made sure that none of us had to leave in the morning.