Holiday in France

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Last year we were on holiday in France. There were hardly any English people there, but there was a very beautiful English twin. One of them asked if I wanted to play her boyfriend because she was bothered by other French guys. I said that’s okay and she sat on my lap.

My friend who went with me on holiday had taken her her sister. She said she had a boyfriend in England but but she was so hot I just started kissing her, I really don’t know why.

The four of us walked into the forest behind the campsite. There was a bus shelter in the middle of the forest (didn’t see any need for it, but it was there), we sat in it and I made some sex-tinted comments. She liked that and Jasper and Daniele went further into the forest.

The two of us stayed behind and I asked if she wanted to see him. She said who is “him” and I showed her my dick. She immediately started jerking me of me and when I said I was cumming she put my cock in her mouth and I filled her mouth completely.

Then she showed her pussy and I immediately started eating her out. She liked it so much that soon my whole face was covered with her horny. I undressed her further and she undressed me. There we sat naked. I wanted to fuck her from behind and she wouldn’t let me say that again.

After that we were completely exhausted and were caressing each other’s arms. When I stroked her pussy with my hand I could not help pushing it in and it excited her so much that she asked if I would like to take a shower. I though it was a good idea and put on some clothes so we could walk to the showers.

While walking I had my hand in front in her pants and fingered her, she worked my anus. Then we heard groans from behind and we knew exactly who they were. In the shower I worked her with the jet and I fucked her in all positions. We then visited her sister with my friend and made a partner exchange.

The next day my friend had to go back to the England and luckily I had the change to have sex with two horny girls. I fucked them every day on the beach or behind the campground all vacation. I will never forget that holiday and I hope the next one will be the same.