His brother-in-law and sister

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My name is Arnold and I have had an affair with Carla, a 32 year old woman, for three years now. A beautiful woman who is horny as butter. We regularly find it exciting to fuck in the strangest places, in the forest, in the parking lot, etc. In short, I know that Carla is not averse to anything.

On Saturday she would go shopping with my sister Adele (44 years old). And I would pick her up later in the evening. Nico (42 years old) her husband is an international truck driver and he would return during the day on Sunday. So the ladies had the whole world to themselves.

At 8.30 pm I decided to go to Adele and Carla. When I tried to ring the bell nothing happened, probably the bell broke. I laughed and jumped over a fence to get behind the house. My idea was to give them a real scare. I saw the lights on and crept to the window to look inside. But then I was shocked to death.

Carla had Nico’s cock in her mouth and Adele lay on her back eating Carla. I couldn’t believe it. Then Nico noticed me and shouted, “Hey Arnold, come in”. The women were also shocked because they jumped to their feet. I walked in and asked Carla what this was about. She said that Nico had come home and he had been kissing Adele for a long time and before I knew it I also had Nico’s tongue and later Adele’s in my mouth.

Oh, don’t worry that doesn’t matter. And Carla rubbed her hand over my fly. She knows that then all my resistance is gone. We sat down on the couch and sat down there to kiss. In the corner of my eye I saw that Adele and Nico had followed our example. What were those two kissing nice and horny. And my sister had a very beautiful body.

Carla said, “I want to feel your dick now, from behind”. Ok I said and took off my pants. She got down on her knees, leaning on Nico’s legs. I rammed my cock into her soaking wet cunt and started fucking her hard. She moaned like a pig and suddenly she took Nico’s cock back into her mouth and started sucking him.

I thought it was a very horny sight to watch and Adele was also watching them with a very sopping pussy. She walked up to me and stroked my hair and asked, “Does this turn you on little brother? Your wife with my husband’s cock in her mouth?”. To be fair, yes it does. “What about this?”, she leaned over and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and started kissing like I’ve never kissed before. And she asked after I that turned me on even more. What do you think then I said, I have dreamed of this.

I withdrew from Carla and sat down on the couch again. Carla still hadn’t enough because she let her cunt sink over Nico’s cock and they started fucking wildly. Adele didn’t waste any time and had my dick in her mouth. God how horny that made me, my sister sucking my dick. And after this blowjob she also let herself down on my dick and we also started fucking like crazy.

I kneaded Adele’s big tits and we kissed continuously. So good. We’ve been kissing and fucking the four of us all night long. A perfect evening. The next day I had some trouble with the fact that I had fucked my sister, so I got into the car early in the afternoon and drove back to Adele and Nico to talk about it. Nico was not at home, but Adele was.

We sat down on the couch and I said that I had a hard time with it. She took my hand and asked, didn’t you like it? Yes, but… What are you worried about, all four of us liked it, right? Yes, you are right. Okay, said Adele, shall we kiss on it? Yes, of course! Adele leaned over and kissed me on my mouth and immediately I felt her tongue slip back in. Again we lay kissing like crazy. You can guess the rest, an hour later Nico and Carla arrived again.