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Hi The first time I had sex was scary and exciting, I’ll tell you why. I was 18 and just had a boyfriend who was in my class for two months. We went to a fairly large school with four or five lifts and my boyfriend always said that he wanted to do our first time in one of those lifts, but I always refused because I am quite shy.

One day we had to go to room 510 and you guessed it we had to take the elevator, we were quite late so the two of us were in the elevator. Remco said, “Shall we?”, and I held it off again but he started caressing and kissing me. I pushed him away because we were almost at the fifth floor but he kept going, actually I was scared to death because suppose we got caught?

I kissed him back and stroked him a little, at one point I felt a bulge in his pants and I actually got a little aroused. He put his hand into my pants and started fingering me which only made me more aroused, I took his dick out of his pants and started jerking it.

At one point he pushed a button which made us proceed with the elevator and I thought why not. I got all turned on and my pussy got wetter and wetter, he took off my pants and started eating me faster and faster. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I pushed him away. I sat on top of him and felt his hard cock sliding in, it hurt but I was willing to do it.

I went faster and faster and he shouted that he was cumming but because I wasn’t yet I got off him and said he had to eat me again. He sucked and licked my lips until I couldn’t hold it anymore and then there was a delicious feeling bubbling up in my stomach. That feeling was a really wonderful feeling that I had never felt before, so that was my first orgasm.

Remco wanted to cum too so I started sucking and jerking him, but he wanted to cum inside me so he pushed me to the floor and slid back into me, he started to thrust harder and harder until I felt his cum squirt in me.

We cleaned up a bit with some tissues and got dressed. We did not go to class anymore but went home where we did everything over again, but then in the shower!