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Jayne’s father was a wealthy man, and when he gave her a new sports car as a birthday present, she was eager to show it to Mary, her friend. Mary was very impressed. “Your dad will give you anything you want!” She said. “Yeah, but he’s not giving me what I need!” Jayne replied meaningfully. Mary understood immediately. “Let’s go inside and I’ll give you something more exciting than speeding!” Mary said with a sexy voice.

Inside, the girls began to undress each other. Mary unbuttoned Jayne’s blouse and stroked her small breasts through the bra. She felt the nipple harden through the fabric. Jayne unbuttoned the bra and took it off. Mary grabbed both tits and massaged them gently. Slowly she kneaded, turning the nipples until they were rock hard. “Suck my nipples,” said Jayne. Mary twisted her tongue around the hard nipple and sucked on the tits.

Then Mary pulled Jayne’s panties down and stroked her friend’s ass. Jayne got down on her knees and Mary began to lick the nice round buttocks. She slid her tongue through the crack in the butt and reached the bitter-tasting asshole. She sucked on her anus and pushed her tongue in. Jayne groaned softly. “This is something my dad just can’t buy me!” Jayne sighed, pulling Mary up and giving her a wet French kiss.

All thoughts of her new present had disappeared from Jayne’s mind after this. Mary slid her hand between Jayne’s legs and felt the hot crack, she was already quite wet. “Oh god! This is so good”, Jayne moaned excitedly. “Make me happy too!” Mary panted. “Let my pussy purr”, she added, sitting on all fours. Jayne stripped her friend’s panties off her tight horny butt and started to play with her wet pink slit. “Oh, honey, you are doing that well.” Growled Mary, as Jayne put a finger in her pussy and began to gently finger her and kiss her buttocks. Her finger slid slowly through her friend’s moist warm cave. She licked through Mary’s butt crack with long strokes. Then she wet a finger with saliva and put it in the tight asshole.

At first Mary struggled, but once she relaxed it soon became easier. There was now a finger in each hole and they went in and out of her divine body at the same rhythm. After five minutes, Mary was on fire. “I want something bigger,” she begged, “I want a dildo.” Jayne took one from Mary’s collection of artificial penises and stuck it in Mary’s hot crack. She began to slowly swing him back and forth, but soon picked up the pace. “Oooooh, ooooh, yeah, yeah, go on, I, I, ooooh, yeah, I’m cumming”, moaned Mary as she orgasmed.

Jayne pulled the wet dildo out of the pulsating pussy and licked it off horny with pleasure. She loved the taste of Mary’s pussy. “Oooh, it looks like my slit is on fire.” Mary panted softly. “Then let me cool it a bit with my tongue!”, Jayne replied horny. She pushed her face between Mary’s legs and began teasingly licking the inner thighs, barely reaching the pussy each time. After doing this for a while she kissed the spongy labia, it tasted horny and she started to lick it slowly. With her fingers, Jayne tore her labia apart and stuck her tongue deep into the dripping cave.

She sipped Mary’s love juices. She looked up in the vagina for the small clitoris, found it, and began to lick, suck, and nibble on it. This was too much for Mary, her body started to shake and she started to moan louder. “Ooh yes, oooooooh, ooooh, God” and she came a second time. Her cunt contracted and the horny came out in large quantities. Jayne licked as hard as she could to not waste a single drop. The shaking subsided and Jayne gave Mary a long French kiss. “Now it’s your turn, horny slut of mine!”, Announced Mary excitedly.

She dove between Jayne’s thighs and started licking her pussy wildly. Jayne groaned with pleasure. She got even hotter when Mary took out a big dildo and a small vibrator. The thick dildo was pushed between her lips and filled her up completely. The small vibrator pushed Mary up her ass. Mary worked Jayne with the artificial cocks and licked Jayne’s hard clit. The dicks slid in and out of her body at a slow pace. She herself massaged her breasts and pulled her nipples. Jayne started to reach her climax and pushed Mary’s head against her throbbing pussy. Mary licked faster, and now Jayne was reaching her peak. Jayne pushed Mary’s head so hard she could barely breathe. Mary bravely licked on and gulped down all her friend’s horny juices.

Still not tired they sat down next to each other. Both grabbed a vibrator and started to indulge themselves with it. Three orgasms in one night was not enough for these women. Mary put her head on Jayne’s chest and licked her nipple. “You got such a nice cunt, honey” she whispered, “Just looking at it makes me wild. I have to fuck you again!” “I want you one more time too!” Replied Jayne. They lay down in the sixty-nine position and shoved the vibrators into each other’s wet pussies. The clits were licked, the assholes fingered and the grooves worked with the massage sticks. It was not long before the two women were again squirming in a simultaneous orgasm. After this intense orgasm, Mary and Jayne fell into each other’s arms and kissed each other deeply. It had been a great way to celebrate the new gift.