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On a Saturday I had to go to a family party. My parents were divorced, I didn’t see much of my father’s family at all. I got along well with my cousin even before. We never argued, we always had a lot of fun.

I sat there all night, getting bored, until my cousin asked me to come and play with him on his computer. He didn’t live that far from the party, so we went on foot. I knew he was gay for a long time, and he knew I was bi.

When we got home he absolutely wanted to show me a horny site. He did. I peeked between his legs, I noticed that in the meantime he got a pole in his pants. Suddenly I felt a hand go between my legs, it went quietly upwards. After caressing for a while, he looked at me and asked if I might feel like a game. He winked at me. I knew we were alone in the house and so I gave in.

He quietly unzipped his pants and I watched him pull out his red glittering head. His pole was so stiff that I got a boner myself. He noticed this because he sat on my lap. He got up and pulled me out of the chair. Like a wild beast he pushed me against the wall.

He took my pants off and took off my boxer shorts, which by now looked like a tent. With two wet fingers, he massaged my scrotum, then put his other hand around my boner. I got really excited and let out a soft groan as he pulled my foreskin back.

Suddenly I felt his cock rub against my bottom. Suddenly he tried to shove it into my butt, but he couldn’t. Instead he started to jerk me of wildly, as if he wouldn’t live tomorrow. Apparently I moaned so loudly that neither of us heard the front door slam shut, it was my other cousin, he was 18. He looked at the computer screen and saw us busy.

He lowered his pants and pulled out a massive pole. He came up to me and put me and my cousin on the floor. His sultry mouth went over my cock and he started sucking me blissfully. As my other cousin started to jerk off his brother, he bent over me. I reached for his pole and started to suck it hard.

After a while I felt his cum shoot into my mouth, I swallowed and swallowed until he was completely vacuum. He pulled his pants back and, while his brother gave me a blowjob, started to jerk him off. I came, he sucked so hard I just felt the whole stream of cum flow through my boner. He ran his tongue back and forth over my glans, swallowing everything.

I took the hand that my other cousin used to wildly jerk of his brother. I saw his glans was glowing red and immediately knew he was almost done. I blew him so hard, and my other cousin started to finger him hard. He came with a loud groan. I swallowed all his seed.

When we had just put our clothes back on their parents came in. Our game ended just in time. I haven’t seen them since, but the thoughts and images remain forever.