French teacher

6.9  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 7m lesbian part1 school teacher

When I fell in love with Danielle, my French teacher, I was just twenty-one. She was in her late thirties, blonde, and always very well made up; a real Frenchwoman. Perfect! Her French accent already made me aroused and in class I often waited breathlessly for a turn. I was laughed at by everyone, of course I was already noticed when I could not answer her questions and just sat staring at her open-mouthed. In my mind I kept undressing her and loved her passionately. She realized it and was very angry and told me to stick around for some extra assignments.

I felt very humiliated, even as a woman I had my honor. When we met in her office and I tried to explain to her my interest in French culture and language, she was pleased and she asked me to come over to her house to pick up some French books and get some tutoring, because according to her I needed it. Once at her home, I admired her beautiful home and we talked about anything and everything. Much to my surprise, Danielle spoke at length about her feelings for me. She thought I should know right away that she was madly in love with me and would like to treat me harshly. - “About the tutoring,” she said with a smile.

We sat quite close together on the two-seater sofa and she often took my hand or stroked my cheek. I felt her touch my breasts spontaneously. I spilled a glass of Coke on my T-shirt from shock. Danielle insisted that I took it off right away so she could rinse it out. I took it off and gave it to her. Now she looked at my body for a long time. She watched and examined my body with her eyes. She looked longingly at my beautiful breasts and slender waist, my firm hips and my long legs. In short, she enjoyed my horny figure.

I like it a lot, especially when I can please others like Danielle with it. Still, I blushed when I noticed that my stiff nipples tickled my bra. Luckily, Danielle asked me to take that bra off too. I liked it because it was indeed sticky from all that Coke. My nipples hardened and, like my firm breasts.

In order not to make me too shy, Danielle spontaneously took off her sweater and blouse. I held my breath as I stared at her breasts enclosed in a very pretty red and black lace-edged bra, her tiny pink nipples delicately poking out through her bra. Danielle asked me to take off her bra. I tried with trembling fingers, stupidly I couldn’t get the front closure loose, I was so nervous. She laughed and gave me a hand.

Her pear-shaped creamy white breasts fell from the cups and now showed themselves in full size and still trembled, from the freedom they were given. Never in my life had I seen such nice sturdy whoppers, they were real whoppers and stood out firmly! Her nipples were hard and shiny. It got me horny and imagined what the rest of her body would look like.

Danielle took my hand and pressed it against one of her breasts. I stroked her nipples, dipped my face in the middle and started working them with my tongue. Danielle gently rubbed my breasts, lifted them and rhythmically tugged on my nipples. She twirled her fingers around my nipples and licked my breasts with her tongue. We were already getting pretty hot. I started to pant. Her breasts were getting fuller and to my surprise her pink buttons had become noticeably larger.

Danielle now pulled me into her arms and kissed me hard. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. Now I wrapped my legs around her and pressed her body against mine hard. We became so absorbed that we fell off the couch. On the ground we continued. Our nipples touched.

Suddenly I felt her hand disappear into my jeans but it was so tight that it didn’t get very far. Excitement gave me a very nice feeling in my pussy. My clitoris woke up and my pussy opened up. My clit started to swell. Her breasts and her lower body alternately pushed against me more and more. In the mirror next to the fireplace I could see how we were driving against each other.

I got wetter in my shorts. Danielle noticed from my up and down movements that we were ready for the next round…

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