French teacher 3

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Some time later I woke up sleepy because Danielle and Marielle were bouncing each other with a double dildo. I got turned on and fingered myself, enjoying those two horny sisters. Danielle looked at me as I sat back and enjoyed it. She laughed and stroked my wet open cunt. Then she quickly grabbed a can of shaving cream and began lathering my pubic hair and breasts. I thought that would be something special, but to my surprise she grabbed a razor and with a few strokes she took away my bush of pubic hair. She suddenly dried my bald groove and looked satisfied at the result. I did not expect this, certainly not on such a first visit, but it all happened so quickly.

Danielle and Marielle cracked up with laughter. Marielle rubbed the foam off my breasts. and made them nice and hard again. Now after years I had a real “Bald Crack” again, just like when I was a little girl. Gosh, I thought, what a hot idea those girls have. I could now look right into my wide open pink rose and saw that my clitoris was stiff and sticking out. Danielle wiped the last puff of shaving cream and kissed my clit.

I suddenly thought of the past, when I still had such a bald slit and my sister always had to squirt the water jet into my slit. It will give you hair on your pussy, she always said and then pointed to her enormous forest with hair. My sister sometimes licked my slit and if I got a good feeling and got wet between my legs, the hairs would come quickly, she said. But I really liked it when my sister licked my slit. Sometimes I also had to do it with my sister, but I didn’t like it at the time. It made me so wet in my face when she got that nice feeling. Perhaps this made me feel a little more for women than for men.

After the fantastic experience with my French teacher and her beautiful twin sister, I now go to Danielle and Marielle almost every day to make love. Nowadays the dildo is completely in again, ours is called “Pierre”. Danielle takes me softly and with long strokes both from the front and the back, begging for more! “Louder, louder!” I scream, then she pushes her big breasts in my face and lets “Pierre” do his work smoothly. Then we exchange “Pierre” for a double “Rubber Robbie “and fuck each other until we exhausted.

Finally we lick and suck each other’s music boxes until we fall asleep satisfied. Danielle also spends a lot of time with my clitoris that is not too small. She really takes care of it with love, works it extra long with her tongue and stretches it by biting it and pulling it out between her teeth. Or she just puts a clothespin on it with a string and then pulls so that my clit comes out for a long time. Then she twists my button with her tongue until I cum. The result is impressive! My clitoris has become twice as big: more than the size of a little finger.

When I stand in front of the mirror and caress my bald groove my clit comes out like a small dick. My nipples are bigger too and harder. But the best result we achieve by stretching and stretching them properly is that I have now developed such large labia that when Danielle or Marielle eat me, their faces almost disappear into my pleasure cave. Plus it’s nice when I lower my cunt over their big breasts and enclose them completely and slowly come up again. Then my labia slowly crawl over their pointed breasts towards each other and the moment my big clitoris touches their hard nipples some horny juices run out of my cunt onto a breast to make it juicy. And when my big pussy has to say goodbye to a nipple you hear the sucking sound of my lips closing shut.

The best thing is of course when the sisters are next to each other; then I can fuck a full tit four times in a row. Danielle gets the hottest when I fuck her full wet pussy with my firm tits. Then I rub her clit with my hard nipples until she cums screaming. Usually she let’s out a few hard pussy farts from the shock.

Marielle enjoys it the most when I stroke her nipples with my puffy super clitoris. and she pampers her pussy right away with “Piere”. What we also like to do is pop, the three of us sit next to each other on the edge of the bed, then lie back and put a big super thick dildo in our cunt and then force our legs together again. The dildos will pop out with a bang. If you do it right, you will cum in one go. Then we put a long artificial cock in our pussies to get another long lasting orgasm. Danielle has just bought a very nice one; you can fill it with liquid and have it sprayed on command. In this way we reach our height again and again.

Last year, on vacation, in France, Danielle had my nipples pierced and rings put in. When she bites and sucks a nipple, with the ring through, I come screaming with pleasure. It is better than nipple clamps. Personally, I really like it when I’m alone to attach the rings to my feet with a string and then jerk it by stretching my legs. I can recommend it to all girls it will give you breasts just like me and you are guaranteed to cum. Girls do it too!!!!. Just play with yourself and get a girlfriend. You really do not have to worry that you will become a lesbian or anything like that.

Danielle has become my great love. When Danielle kisses me with her full lips, I feel my nipples stiffen. When she pulls my clit I moan it out and when she buries her face in my pussy I am hornier than horny. Danielle wants me to help her seduce other women too and I have decided to do that. There are a lot of pretty girls to date…