French teacher 2

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Danielle took me to her bedroom where she would spoil me further. When I followed her into her bedroom I couldn’t believe my eyes! In bed was a woman who looked like a second Danielle! It turned out to be her sister Marielle and she looked exactly like Danielle. Marielle got out of bed naked and assessed me with her gaze. She said to Danielle: - “Gosh what a whopper we need to treat her good! Go sit in that chair so I can take off your jeans. I sat down and willingly let her take off my jeans while admiring the sisters’ bodies.

Because of all the excitement I didn’t even notice Danielle tearing my panties in a hurry. Danielle and Marielle each kissed one of my ankles and their tongues slowly went upward. They pushed my knees apart and took turns putting their heads between my thighs and explored my soaking wet pussy. Danielle squatted down to work my cave with her tongue. She nibbled my labia and my pleasure bud.

Marielle had put her hand deep into her own pussy and moved it evenly back and forth. She kissed me while she grabbed my breasts with her free hand. Danielle plunged finger by finger deep into my wet pussy until her whole hand was in it. She fingered me until I almost came. I looked at her swinging breasts and began to massage them. Danielle stopped fingering, got up and very defiantly pushed her skirt down, which gave me another great view of her beautiful long legs. A tuft of blond pubic hair protruded from the opening in her lace bottoms. She let me take off her stockings one by one. Then she stepped out of her panties. What a full hairy horny pussy that girl had! Her clitoris was stiff and her wet lips shone in the light.

Danielle and Marielle led me to the bed and immediately started to turn me on again. Danielle lay down next to me and immediately packed me full in my music box and kissed my breasts. I felt her hand search for the entrance to my cave. Her fingers fumbled impatiently through my pubic hair. Then her hand slid past my swollen tickler who waited like a little turret for her caresses. Marielle sat her pussy on my face so that I could eat her well. Danielle expertly worked my pussy and stroked my hypersensitive clitoris. - I fingered myself every day, but this was something completely different - Danielle enjoyed her conquest and did what she could.

I saw that she was fingering herself again. Marielle took a very thin dildo from under her pillow and said: - “It’s for later …..”. I orgasmed and my face got soaked because Marielle also came dripping. - “Now show what you can do”. I untied Danielle’s updo. It fell past her face like a screen. It tickled my shoulders and breasts.

Danielle lay on her back. I sat on her stomach and slid back a little and licked her breasts, which now lay like huge puddings in front of me. Marielle now grabbed me from behind by stamping a big dildo back and forth in my wet creamy pussy while she massaged my breasts. I nibbled Danielle’s breasts and bit into them gently, she enjoyed it and brought my hand to her ass where I smoothly inserted the small dildo. Marielle wanted that too, we made some room and Marielle and Danielle lay on their backs and now raised their legs and clamped them between the brass bars of the bed. Can you imagine how wonderfully horny they were?

I got on my knees between them so that I could enjoy these treats to the fullest. Both open pussies were now up for grabs. I took turns putting a dildo in the horny money boxes and started to bring the ladies up to temperature with strong strokes. When getting in and out you heard a horny popping sound. I switched the dildos from cunt to cunt and got hornier myself. I now pushed my tongue instead of the dildo as deep as I could into the girls.

Now that those holes were nice and wet, a long thin dildo went into both of them, which I left in nice and deep. Then I fingered both Danielle and Marielle with both hands at the same time. They got very wild when I kneaded the hard clits and Danielle and Marielle cummed almost immediately with jerking movements. The fresh honey ran down their buttocks. I hurried not to let all these goodies go to waste and licked everything carefully to the last drop.

I took the dildos out of their wet asses and licked them clean too. Now I turned and sat on Danielle so that my pussy was in front of her face and I looked straight into Danielle’s open candy box. I used both hands to push her lips further apart so that I could eat extensively. I massaged her hard clit and sucked in her plump lips. She climaxed again and quickly I licked the warm juice from her honey jar. Now of course I could not skip Marielle and worked her in the same divine way.

Danielle was also busy. She had now lay down with her face in front of my love cave and worked it wildly with her tongue. I felt she was exploring terrain because her tongue was now deep in my ass. She made it nice and moist and unexpectedly put her finger in it. Then she quickly switched it with the dildo and rammed it softly into the tight hole, it was the first time for me and it hurted a bit. Yet it was wonderful, I orgasmed with a loud screaming.

Marielle then also went to lick my cave and my star. I decided to give Danielle a little something extra by riding my glowing cunt over her cave. Our tittlers touched and stiffened, and we cummed all at once satisfied. I had the urge to suck the last horny out of her soaking wet cunt and Danielle had no problem with that. She spread out her legs so that I could slurp her pussy empty. She pushed my head deeper into her cunt so that I almost choked. I sucked the bud of her clit between my teeth, bit it hard a few times and repeated this until Danielle orgasmed screaming and shocking.

Marielle wanted too, but Danielle was exhausted. I therefore immediately made my pussy available again and let Marielle lick my pussy empty. We were quite tired from this round and fell asleep satisfied and exhausted in each other’s arms…

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