Forget about that sister

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One summer afternoon I was rung. I opened the door and saw a courier standing with a package in his hands. It was intended for my neighbors across the street, and he asked if he could leave it with me. I didn’t think that was a problem. I wanted to meet my neighbors across the street anyway, who had just moved into the street.

At the end of the afternoon I visited them and rang the bell at the large building. I didn’t see or hear a response. The backyard was screened off by means of plants and was accessible through a gate at the side of the garage. I put on my naughty shoes and opened the garden gate, after which I ended up in a beautiful garden with a medium-sized swimming pool. No one was there. The patio doors to the house were open, and I was free to see if anyone was there.

I walked through the conservatory and shouted, “Is anyone home?” Just as I was about to leave, I was addressed by a sultry female voice. “Good afternoon, what’s wrong? What are you doing here?”. I turned to see a beautiful woman in a bikini. I estimated her to be about 24 years old. Her shapes did not lie. I tried to give myself an attitude but that didn’t exactly work out as I intended. I mumbled that I was the boy next door and that I had received a package that was for their address.

So I give her the cardboard package and introduced myself right away. The blonde turned out to be Jennifer and offered me a drink. Of course I did not decline. I was only too happy to get to know this beauty. The moment she turned and walked towards the kitchen I saw that her beautiful buttocks were accentuated by a high-rise thong. I thought I had ended up in paradise. Moments later she returned with a wine cooler containing a bottle of champagne and two glasses. She said she wanted to add a festive touch to our introduction.

While she set down the wine cooler on a table, I had a beautiful view of her breasts. Jennifer pretended not to notice my gaze on her breasts and gave me the glasses with a smile. Then she made an attempt to uncork the champagne bottle. “I’m can’t get the cork off,” she sighed after making a few frantic attempts. “You have to shake it a little”, I said. She gave me a mischievous look and shook both the bottle and her upper body, her bosom surging up and down.

There was a bang. The champagne spouted forcibly from the bottle and exploded on her upper body. Her bikini top was soaked, and her now hard nipples were now piercing through. She laughed and apologized for her clumsiness. After she poured the glasses, we made a toast with her looking deep into my eyes. There was a pause and I asked her if she might not want to dry herself first. Without saying anything, she put her arms around my shoulders and pushed my head between her breasts. I instinctively licked up the champagne liquid. She let out cries of lust.

I was very encouraged by this and unbuttoned her top. Jennifer had no problem with this. She took my hand, said “come on” and led me to one of the sunbeds. I followed her slavishly and knelt next to her as she lay down on the bed. I leaned over and my tongue was working overtime near those hard nipples. Some of the champagne had run off towards her thong. So I followed the trail down. When I reached her bottom, she raised her hips slightly. This made it easy for me to get rid of her last piece of clothing. That’s how I ended up at her newly shaved Venus Hill.

A shiver ran through her body. “You have guts to just take my thong off.”, she whispered. “But you’re lucky, I’m in a good mood today. Attack! Just lick my bald pussy”, she urged me. Her lips were open and swollen. Her moisture glittered in the sunlight. My tongue touched her clit while my fingers assisted. I was so focused that I didn’t realize what was going on around me. I imagined myself in seventh heaven.

Suddenly I heard Jennifer say, “Are you in?”. I was shocked because she clearly wasn’t talking to me. I looked up to see a flight attendant-clad brunette standing in the doorway, looking much older than Jennifer. For a moment she looked at us in surprise. Then she smiled. She kissed Jennifer and asked her who this attractive man was with whom she was enjoying herself so well. “Thabita, this is Seth, our neighbor from across the street, who came to deliver us a package. Seth this is my girlfriend, Thabita”.

For a moment I didn’t know what to do with the situation. I wondered if maybe a game was being played here. Thabita at least pretended that the scene she found here was the most normal thing in the world and poured a glass of champagne. She came up to me and pressed her lips to mine. I opened my mouth and our tongues swam in the champagne. Meanwhile, Jennifer had unbuttoned and stripped me off my pants. She placed her mouth around my now hard cock, “Hey hot thing, I’m going to suck that big rod off you”, she whispered.

I suddenly felt a sudden cold. I knew exactly what was going on. I had experienced this before, Jennifer had ice cubes in her mouth. That was so horny. Meanwhile, Thabita unbuttoned my blouse and rubbed her hand over my slightly hairy chest. In the meantime, I took off her uniform jacket. Thabita lend a hand and started stripping for me. The uniform skirt fell on her high heels. Her long legs were wrapped in suspender stockings, which were held up by a suspender belt. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties. A tiny tuft of hair was visible above her Venus mound.

She subtly removed her blouse, revealing her upright breast. She squeezed her nipples, which made them hard. She took a defiant seat on the lounger opposite me. I looked at her and saw how she shamelessly satisfied herself, while she kept looking at me with her horny eyes. I almost couldn’t take it anymore. Jennifer noticed and squeezed my cock hard. I leaned forward and took over Thabita’s finger work. At that point, Jennifer opened the package that it was all about. She took out a vibrator and handcuffs.

Jennifer took my hands and fastened them to the lounger with the handcuffs. As I lay on my back, Thabita rose above my face and lowered herself. She went down until her pussy was squeezed deep into my face. The message was clear. This lady wanted to be eaten. I love pussies so I eagerly started this assignment. Jennifer meanwhile sat on my cock and was riding me gently. Suddenly I felt a vibrator under my scrotum. It was driving me crazy. I was completely under the spell of these two hot girls.

Suddenly, Jennifer removed the vibrator and cooled my balls with ice cubes. This ruled out premature orgasm for sure. Jennifer got up and Thabita took her place with her back to me. Thabita squatted down and rode me again. Leaning back, she was eaten by Jennifer. Jennifer also occasionally licked my scrotum, and all those impulses made me the happiest man in the world. There I was at 19 years old between two gorgeous women, both older than me.

The pace was accelerated and I felt my peak approaching. “Ooooh, go on, I’m going to cum!”, I groaned. This was the sign for the girls to stop with all the goodies. They sat down next to me, grabbed the champagne bottle and poured the little bit of what was left in it over my dick. Now they started to lick me clean. They took turns taking my cock all the way in my mouth. While they did that, they looked at me defiantly.

Then I felt it rising from my toes. I jerked and screamed. Like the champagne bottle spouted from the bottle earlier that day, it was my seed that spurted around now. It seemed like it never ended. They kept touching my cock with their tongues, whereupon I begged their mercy, my dick had become so sensitive that I couldn’t stand it anymore. All three of us were covered in blobs of cum.

Jennifer reached for the vibrator one more time and expertly made herself wet again. Then I got to watch her friend drill the rod into her pussy and reach an explosive climax. When the girls recovered from their orgasm, they untied me and dragged me to the pool. With a satisfied feeling we talked a bit more. They said that they had seen me walking before and that they liked me.

Without my knowing, they had put together a whole scenario and I had become a willing prey. I asked them about their relationship. They had met at work. Jennifer turned out to be a pilot. During one of the flights a love relationship had developed that also left room for other adventures. This explained everything. From that day on, we stick to the proverbial saying: Better a good neighbor than a distant friend.