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I am an 18 year old boy, and like many, I am interested in video games. So I had to have a playstation 4 and that costs something. I already had some idea how to get the money. In my hallway I knew there was a gay man, about thirty years old. I had a gay experience with a boy from school before, but never sexually.

With my muscular body, that I can be proud of, I thought I could spoil him for a bit. It was very difficult for me to ring the bell. In fact I should not have been afraid because he had already invited me to do so…

He opens the door and I immediately ask if I can come in. I explain to him that I urgently need money. After that short conversation I said “sir, you can do anything with me for 300 dollar an hour. I can dance well and for some reason he knew that. So he asked me to dance without clothes, I said that it wasn’t going to happen, but then he said that he would pay extra.

I started dancing and turned him on I saw it because what a bulge in his pants, he was struggling to keep his hands out of his pants. And finally when I decided to give him a blowjob, his dick was still half stiff.

This was the first time I did such a thing. I liked it so good I asked if he wanted to give me a blowjob and he didn’t say no. I kissed him while I was jerking him off and he cummed for the first time. I licked everything clean and then he ordered me to take him from behind.

I did it carefully, he wanted more he screamed for more. I let myself go and cummed in his ass, again I lick everything clean. Then he took me from behind, but not careful at all. He fucked me super hard and his cock felt so big inside me.

My ass was all covered in cum and I was so dirty that I asked if I could use his bath. Sure, he said. So I took a bath and a little later he comes in and asked if he could join? Of course! We jerked each other off and give each other a blowjob and we cummed both. After that we did it once more. He asked if I would come back tomorrow, slut of mine? I said yes, but you wdon’t have to pay tomorrow.