Football on Saturdays

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It was a Saturday afternoon in May, quite warm, and my own team had already played it’s game. We had lost with no less than 6-1, so actually I was a bit down. As I often do, I went down the line to look at our girls junior team. Since we don’t have that many female members, the ladies junior team consists of girls ranging from 18 to 20 years old. It is true that the level of the girls team isn’t very high, but as you will understand I did not come to see their game.

I find it much more interesting to see 22 pairs of breasts rising and falling and 22 pairs of buttocks in tight football shorts. Furthermore, I am still as blue as it can be. I’ve never slept with a girl and I’m often too shy to start a nice conversation. In the second half, just along the sidelines where I was sitting, one of our girls, Ingrid, is brought down quite hard. She remains on the ground moaning. I went straight to her. It looks like she is not doing very well. To the other side of the field I make the gesture that Ingrid can be better replaced. “Come on, I’ll help you”, I said.

We go to the dressing room, me supporting Ingrid. “Are you still okay?” I ask with interest. “Yes, yes, the pain is getting less”. Without taking a shower, Ingrid changes clothes and prepares to go home. “Shall I go with you”, I ask, “I was planning to go home too”. “Yeah, I would like that,” she replies, and I see a twinkle in her eyes. It even makes me blush a little.

You should know that Ingrid is a bit older than me (I believe she’s 19) and has a perfect body. I have often admired the contours of her beautiful firm breasts and ass when she was playing football. After about 10 minutes we arrived at Ingrid’s house. “Will you come along for a drink?” She asks. I nod and smile. We park our bikes behind the house and Ingrid unlocks the door. “Is nobody home?” I ask. “No, my father is on a business trip with his secretary, so he will probably be fucking around with her now. My mother is playing bridge and that always ends in a drinking party and my sister is playing tennis”.

My breath catches when I hear how easily Ingrid talks about her father fucking someone else, she is quite bold. Entering the house, she carelessly throws her football bag into the hallway. “I’m going to take a bath, are you coming?”. “No, I already showered after playing football….”. Shit what a stupid comment, I can finally see a beautiful girl up close naked and then I make such a stupid comment. “Well, why not”, I correct myself. I follow Ingrid to the bathroom. With the thought that I will see her completely naked, my dick starts to react too.

The bathroom, more like a bathhouse so big, has a huge round bath. Ingrid runs the bath and starts undressing carelessly. Mesmerized I stare at her naked body. “Is there something wrong, or have you never seen a girl naked”, she asks. To come across as a bit tough I answer her that I have seen women naked so many times (but only in booklets and on the TV). Ingrid smiles at me. “Come and get undressed or do you want to go into the bath with all your clothes on”. I obediently follow her and soon I too will be completely naked. Slightly embarrassed, I hold my hands up to cover my erection. Ingrid gives me a sly smile. “That doesn’t too bad,” let me see. She playfully takes my dick in her hand and starts to gently jerk on it.

Since this was the first time a girl took my cock in her hand, it grew enormously. Ingrid sat in front of me and took my dick in her mouth. A divine feeling. Slowly she makes my dick go up and down in her mouth and she makes circling movements around my head with her tongue. I can hardly hold it anymore. “Oh, I am cumming, I am cumming!”. The first jet of cum is already flying out of my dick. The force jerks Ingrid back for a moment, causing the second beam to land straight on her face. However, she skillfully collects the third ray in her mouth. Visibly enjoying, she also pumps out the last drops from my dick.

“That should relieve the tension for a while. First we relax in the bath and after you can spoil me”. We both step into the large round bath. “This was your first time, right?” She asks. I honestly confess that I am indeed still a virgin when it comes to sex. “I’ll give you some practical lessons”. “Come and sit next to me, and let your hands run free”. I now let go of all nervousness and start to feel her everywhere. Her breasts, her buttocks and of course her pussy. Ingrid accepts it all and moans softly when I start fingering her pussy with two fingers.

“Go ahead, you are not doing bad for a novice,” she whispers to me. By touching her body my dick has become quite stiff again and I start to drive my device against her leg. “You can fuck me like that when we get out of the bath, because sperm in the bath always makes such a mess. Apparently she had experience with it. With her right hand Ingrid took my hand that was working her pussy. She moves my hand to slightly above her slit. “Can you feel that little bump? You have to stroke me right there”. Rhythmically I start to massage this bump. “Is that your clit?” I ask ignorantly. She just moans. “Go on, go on, go on, oh yes, yes, oooh I’m cumming, I’m cumming!. Ingrid cums under the stimulating effect of my fingers.

After some time she has regained herself and whispers in my ear, “Thank you, now you can fuck me”. We dry ourselves off and with my dick ready, I follow her to her bedroom, where there was a large double bed. She lies defiantly on the bed and spreads her legs as wide as possible. I now look straight into her crotch and see that her labia are already slightly apart. “Lick me first, because my pussy always gets so dry from the bathwater. I willingly throw myself on her pussy and start licking her pussy like crazy. “Slow down, slow down, if you take it slowly it is much better for me”. Obediently I adjust my pace. I taste her juices and enjoy the sickly scent of her cunt.

“Come in, I know you want to fuck”. I lie on her and Ingrid leads my dick with her hand to just in front of her pussy. I push my pelvis forward and without any resistance my dick slides in. At first gently but faster and faster I thrust my dick into Ingrid’s. Far too fast my orgasm comes in, but what do you expect when you fuck for the first time. Thick wisps of white love juice shoot in her pussy, working its way to her uterus.

“Was it nice”, I ask. Ingrid is honest and said I have had come too soon to make it really good for her. But she will let me have another go. “Come on, let’s go for a drink first, after all I invited you”. Naked we walk downstairs again. She pours some soft drinks and we both take a seat on one of the available benches. “How long have you been doing it”, I ask. “Oh since I was thirteenth”. “As long as it is not forced, sex is the best thing there is, and you cannot start early enough”. Ingrid told in full what she had experienced and that she had also been sandwiched once. She had made love with other girls and that she also does a golden shower from time to time. “Golden shower, what is that?”, I ask silly.

Ingrid explains that a golden shower is nothing more than urinating on each other. “What?”, I said surprised. “No, it’s not bad at all”. “It is nice and warm, it tastes quite good, a little salty and it does not exhaust your body”. “The only downside is that everything gets so wet”. “Come, I’ll show you how pleasant it is. But let’s do it outside on the grass, because otherwise I’ll have to mop everything clean again and I don’t feel like it”. Since I don’t dare to say anything back and my interest has been aroused, I follow her outside. Just lie there. The grass was itchy but I was curious what would happen. Ingrid rises above me and I suddenly see a yellow splashing jet shoot from her pussy. Her piss is all over my stomach and over my dick. I have to admit that it is a nice feeling and that an open pussy with a beam of yellow moisture coming out of it, is a very horny sight to look at.

Ingrid is now standing right above my face and orders me to open my mouth. I obey her and the first rays fill my mouth. It tastes a bit salty, but certainly not bad. After Ingrid has squeezed the last drops of pee out of her pussy she says “Now it’s your turn”. Because my dick got quite stiff again, it wasn’t easy to urinate, but with some urge I manage to direct my dick towards her body. Hot rays fall on Ingrid’s body and she greedily licks the rays that land in her mouth.

When I’m out of pee I’m wanted to lie against Ingrid and wanted to put my dick back in her pussy. “No, not like this. We are now going to do another position, doggystyle”. Ingrid gets on her knees and I take place behind her. I push my dick in vigorously and start to fuck her with firm strokes. Since I came twice already, I can delay my orgasm much longer. Ingrid seems to like this position very much, which she also shows out loud.

“Hey, what are you doing?”, a voice suddenly sounds. Slightly shocked I let my dick shoot out of Ingrid’s pussy and turn around. There is a girl of about 18 years old who looks at us amusingly. “Hi sis, you can see that we are having a good fuck”, said Ingrid. Ingrid’s younger sister, just like Ingrid, also looks very appealing. “Would you like to participate”, asks Ingrid. Without even answering, she starts to undress. This could be a fun afternoon, I think to myself…