Fitness class

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I’ve known Sandra for about five years. A beautiful girl. I often see her when we go out with friends. Her boyfriend Marc is usually there. A jerk of a dude, of course. But Sandra and I get along well and of course we have never had anything together. I will introduce her first.

Sandra is 25 years old and I estimate just under 6 feet tall. She has dark brown short hair which looks great on her. She has beautiful blue eyes, pearly white teeth and a gorgeous figure. Beautiful breasts (not too big, not too small), a nice tight figure and a nicely tanned skin. Yesterday she was wearing white sneakers and a blue tank top with large letters over her breasts that I couldn’t take my eyes off. Her nicely smooth back is then partially exposed and runs into her neck. Her delicious ass is beautifully reflected in the tight dark blue jeans. When I talk to her I always smell her nice scent that makes me wild. I feel like kissing her on the neck.

I am 26 years old, 6 feet tall and have a fairly muscular body. When I see her there has always been a chemical reaction between us, but that is always suppressed, because she is with her boyfriend. You understand how shitty I feel and that for years! I go to the gym twice a week and recently she and her boyfriend also joined. When Sandra is working out for me and is sweating nicely, I can hardly take my eyes off her.

Lately they have come to pick me up, because I live close to the gym. So yesterday, like every Thursday, it’s fitness day. At 7:30 PM the intercom bell rings. As you probably guessed, Sandra was alone this time. I felt the organs in my stomach turn over. As always, we still had a drink now. She sits down next to me on my two-person sofa. I smell her scent again and want to kiss her on the neck. The chemical reaction is more intense than usual.

While talking, I casually put my hand on her thigh. She immediately responds by taking my hand. Then our faces get closer and closer until our lips touch. In the beginning it is very probing but soon we are kissing intensely. I put my hands on her hips, she puts her arms around my neck. I soon notice that she wants more. I put my hands under her blue shirt, which she spontaneously takes off. I can see her beautiful breasts in a beautiful lace bra. The bra is also quickly off and she sits on my lap, I press my face into that delicious boob box.

When I suck on her nipples I notice that it turns her on very much. She’s already starting to moan softly. In the meantime I have a big bulge in my pants. Since my sofa is in front of a window, I suggest to go to my bedroom. With her legs wrapped around my hips, I lift her to my bed and put her down. What a beautiful smile and what a beautiful girl is lying there in my bed. I also take off my shirt and lie on top of her and we continue kissing.

I descend while kissing. First her neck that smells so good, then her breasts and her nipples that are standing nice and hard. Then her belly and her navel. She has a beautiful tight tanned stomach. First I take off her shoes and socks and then I unbutton her jeans. She still willingly allows everything. She also has a nice white lace slip on. I too take off my pants and lie on her. We make out and she grabbed my boxer. She is impressed by my 8 inch dick when she says “what a nice dick you have!” and immediately puts it in her mouth and starts giving me a nice blowjob.

Our last pieces of clothing go off quickly and not much later I spray my load in her mouth, which she swallows! She’s even more horny than I always dreamed! She lies down on her back and I give her a favor by spoiling her clitoris with my mouth. Now she is really going wild. She groans loudly! I think my upstairs and downstairs neighbors heard when they were home but I didn’t care.

She arches her back completely and has her arms all the way back and cums with a loud shock. My cock is rock hard again and she immediately begged if I want to fuck her. Since I have a low bed, I get on my knees in front of the bed and put my cock deep in her soaking wet slit. She has her legs wide apart. I slowly start to thrust and soon the pace is increased. She enjoys intensely. Again she is screaming, yeah, fuck me, fuck me. Before I cum I put her on her knee and fuck her from behind. I have such a nice view of her wide hips that flow nicely into her tight waist.

I fuck her wonderfully from behind and my stomach bangs against her trembling ass. I cum inside her loudly. After lying against each other for a while she made my cock hard again. Now she sits on top of me and starts riding me wildly. Her breasts go all over the place and this is a fantastic sight. Oh what a nice chick Sandra is. Again she groans and she picks up the pace. Yes, I am cumming she says and she cringes and I also spray my load in her. Exhausted, we fall into each other’s arms. The time is over, the fitness class is over. It all happened yesterday, in my bed, lol!!