First gay experience

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It’s been seven years already but it’s still fresh in my mind; my first gay experience. I was seventeen years old at the time and had not had any sexual experience yet. After school I agreed with a classmate to use the computer at his house. I came to his house more often and he once told me that his parents had a book about sex positions and stuff. When I brought it up, he told me he often jerked off to that. In the book it was also described how men and women can satisfy themselves! Not that we didn’t know how to do that, but we thought it was hot to see others do it. There were some strange examples and he wanted to demonstrate it to me.

Meanwhile he was already naked on the floor with his huge penis in his hand. I had seen after gym class that he had a big dick but I had never seen him erect! So his dick was really big and fat with a huge head on top! I thought that was strange because I was taller than him. My pole was pretty average, about 6 inches but his must have been 8 inch and super thick!! He was jerking off while stroking his balls. I had to admit that I felt butterflies in my stomach. Wow, I was so turned on seeing his rock hard penis! He flipped through the book and moaned softly as he continued jerking off, I could feel my dick grow.

Still, I felt a little embarrassed. But I thought fuck it and took off my clothes and sat naked next to him. He giggled a bit, but more with relief I guess. Only then did he see how horny I had become. My cock had never been harder, I just saw my cock throbbing and my scrotum was tight against my body. I was so tense and we really had no plans at all. We just jerked off to that book which is actually nicely illustrated. He said so casually like, hey, I’ve got some other magazines too! I thought, why didn’t you said so earlier? He pulled some of those nice, horny magazines out from under his bed and we threw ourselves into the real porn in front of us. We jerked ourselves completely drowsy on all that horny stuff. All horny girls with stiff cocks in all their holes.

I’ve always jerked off to blowjob photos and my jerk friend thought it was the hottest. It’s lovely to watch those girls suck that hot cum out of those dicks. I just lay down and rested a bit from the tension. Suddenly I felt his hand around my dick! A shudder went through my body and I had no control over the groan that followed. A confirmation for him that I really liked what he did. I was so horny to see his hand on my penis. He pulled my foreskin all the way back and my swollen head came out. I watched a drop of precum come out. He gently jerked me off and kneaded my balls. It was so good that I was shivering on the floor, not from the cold but pure from tension. He wet his fingers a little and stroked my tense head.

After a while he asked if I wanted to do the same with him. I did not hesitate for a moment. He lay down and looked at me expectantly. His large penis was tight against his stomach. I grabbed his dick and I remember so well it felt really weird holding another cock. I pulled back his foreskin and exposed his swollen head, he moaned softly. The tension got so great that my dick suddenly became limp?! Nevermind I thought and jerked him off nicely. His balls danced up and down. He spread his legs so that I could sit between them, so I was in the right place. I saw his scrotum getting tighter and decided to give them a nice massage.

Because his legs were spread, I also saw his anus. I slid past it with a finger. Apparently he liked that because he pulled his legs all the way to the side and up. I slowly pushed my finger in and felt its warmth. I went up and down his ass with my finger. He started to breathe more heavily and said he felt it coming. I stopped immediately because neither of us wanted that yet. He also got some rest. He told me he thought my dick was really horny. I lay back in the hope that he would jerk me off again. I spread my legs because I wanted him to push a few fingers in on me too. He stepped in. He took hold of my dick again but he didn’t stop there.

He licked my dickhead!! Oh Jesus, I thought, I explode! He just started sucking me off, first licking my cock gently and then all the way with his warm mouth around my rock hard fuck pole! I just groaned loudly, the control was gone. He sucked on my balls and pushed a pair of wet fingers into my anus. I came almost right away, I was so horny! He had to stop or I would have sprayed my load. I got so horny, I wanted him, I wanted his dick. I wanted to feel that big penis in my mouth! I never thought that a penis would make me so horny.

He lay down and I immediately grabbed his throbbing cock. It was unreal, I was going to suck a guy! I wrapped my lips around that lovely head, that feeling was indescribably good. A hard dick in my mouth, I didn’t know what was happening to me. I just thought about sucking, licking, pulling. I got so horny, I turned my tongue around that delicious, big dickhead. With my tongue I followed the contours of his delicious fuck stick. He groaned and suddenly I felt something come out. It tasted very strange, a bit salty and bitter at the same time. A beam of cum!

I paused and took the time to swallow the warm cum, it wasn’t much after all. I had swallowed my own seed before so I knew what it tasted like, but it is very different from someone else, I wanted more! He asked if he could cum in my mouth. I said I really wanted to. So I immediately went on and his feeling started right away. He groaned and his balls contracted completely. I could feel it because his dick was getting extra hard and let those big blobs of hot cum flow into my mouth! It is difficult to swallow and keep on sucking. It felt very hot and sticky and I spit a little bit! That was so hot!

He fell back weary and had to recover. He said he wanted to suck me off and taste my cum. Moments later it was my turn. I lay on my back and one of my best friends gave me a blow job. He grabbed my throbbing pole and I immediately got that strange feeling inside. He licked my head and kneaded my balls. I also felt it coming now. He sucked my boner so hard it seemed like he sucked my cum out of my balls! I could not have imagined the feeling that followed. I felt the shivers coming from my toes. My balls pulled all the way against my body. Yes, yes, yes, oooohh I was going to cum. I felt my lovely warm seed come out. I moaned hard as he swallowed all my cum! Didn’t spill even one single drop.

We rested a bit and just laughed about it. We were seventeen and just trying things out. So we felt that we approved it. We were both under the impression that we were straight. However, we also didn’t expect to get so excited to see another penis, let alone touch one! We did it a few more times after that, but then it was really over. Now we both have girlfriends and we’re not talking about it anymore. I don’t know how he thinks about it but I’m not sorry. I would like to do it again. I often think about his delicious cock and how I made him cum in my mouth.

One thing is clear to me and that is that I am not heterosexual but bi-sexual! Actually, I often fantasize about sex with a man. Probably because sex with women has become so common to me. I think back to what it was like to suck cock and taste someone else’s cum. I often jerk off while blowing a dildo. When I’m in a weird, but most of all horny, mood, I turn upside down so that my dick hangs just above my face. I then spray those delicious rays of sperm into my mouth and I swallow it like that! The thought makes me horny. I also think that I will have sex with a boy again, the feeling is just too strong for that. Women alone is not enough for me. I would prefer to do a threesome with a man or just four of us, two men and two women. And then enjoy each other, what could be better than that?