Exciting places

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Last weekend I spent with my boyfriend. He had a family party and wanted me to come too. Just so he wouldn’t feel so alone and I would have the opportunity to meet the rest of the fam. Friday night I got off the train and there he was. A big smile on his face and very sultry eyes.

After a lovely French kiss, we quickly got into the car to go to his house. After a short drive he stopped the car on a small deserted country road and started kissing me violently, my hand quickly slid to his crotch to check how horny he was. His cock was rock hard. I acted quickly by taking off his pants to release his wholesome club of pleasure.

He suggested getting out of the car as the car would be to tight. Once out of the car he grabbed me from behind and started unbuttoning my pants and then tucking his hand into my panties. I was soaking wet and horny.

My boyfriend put me on the hood and started to eat me deliciously, soon I was screaming with horniness and wanted more. I grabbed my friend and put his delicious cock into my wet slit and violently he started to thrust in and out. After just a few minutes he filled my pussy with his cum.

I thought that would be it, but his sturdy pole was still standing upright. He turned me around and put his pole in the back of my wet slit and thrusted in and out of me again. He came for a second time, his cum felt so good inside me. All the horny ran down my legs.

We quickly cleaned ourselves up and drove to his house to take a shower. The next evening we had the party. Completely neat but also dressed defiantly, we set off. After a few hours of drinking and eating at the party, my friend came up to me and took my hand and pulled me to the bathroom. He knew it would be quiet there.

Once in the bathroom, he loosened his belt and fly and released his stiff cock of pleasure. It made me horny and really wet. He pulled up my skirt and beckoned me to stand wide-legged against the wall and he fucked me hard in my wet slit. This time he filled my mouth with his delicious cum and I swallowed it all.

After settling down a bit, we mingled again among the partygoers.