Ex-lover's best friend

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When I called her and asked if she would like to come for a drink, Anneleen, my ex-lover’s best friend, said she had no time; she had to work. She worked as a saleswoman in a clothes shop. I insisted, I could come and get her around six o’clock. It was a quarter to six when I entered the store. She was wearing the same suit as all the salespeople there and it looked good on her.

I went to sit in a corner, I pretended I needed a new pair of pants and she pretended to help me. We played this game very elaborate, and I had to say it kinda had something. I tried on the pants, but eventually put them back. She quickly went to change her clothes, she informed me. She asked if I would like to wait outside for her.

The early summer sun was shining and it was quite warm. A moment later she came out. She looked breathtaking. She was wearing a black skirt which ended halfway up her legs and to match a red top with fine straps. Her skirt had a small slit on the side that was slightly open. Anneleen saw my look, put on her sunglasses and laughed. Come, she said.

We went home on my old moped from when I was young. The nice weather had kept me from taking the car. When I got home, I offered her a drink, as a true gentlemen. We were at my parents’ house, and she asked if she could see my old room. There we sat, with our backs against the bed, chatting about the past and now. I don’t know who suggested it, but suddenly we were acting truth or dare. You know, the game where you get to choose whether you have to answer any question or choose to fulfill an assignment.

She asked me how I lost my virginity. I told her the whole story. Her eyes sparkled. When my story finished, Anneleen said she wanted a dare. I thought about an assignment for a long time and told her to fake an orgasm just for me. She looked at me a bit strange at first, but because I had fulfilled my assignment so well a moment ago, she agreed. At that point I told her that was not all, she had to do it while she was on top of me. While she was pretending we were making out. She hold back a bit. I don’t know if it was to avoid looking like a whore. But when I layed her down on the floor in front of my bed, her resistance broke.

She sat on my stomach, and I pointed out to her that this didn’t count as pretending anymore and we were making out. Anneleen smiled shyly and sat down a bit. Then she began to gently rock back and forth. It felt pleasant. When she started to moan softly I got warm. But when Anneleen held her slightly wavy hair together behind her head with both hands, closed her eyes and bit her lip, I immediately got an erection. It was warm, so I was wearing light gray pants, she must have felt it. Anneleen did not care and went on pleasantly by holding her hair, moaning and moving back and forth.

First I stroked her side through her top, later I stroked her belly under her top, and a little later I pulled it up so that part of her ribs were visible. She groaned even louder. Encouraged by this, I stroked her face. My fingertips touched her temple, sank gently to her jaw, following her movement. I was so excited and either she was too or she was a very good actor. I stroked her chin and then she playfully bit my fingers. She started to suck on it.

I had been breathing heavily for a while, but now I started to moan softly too, I was so excited. She moaned on my fingers for a while, and when she let go I stroked her neck. I went further down, stroking her chest above her breasts while my other hand stroked the outside of her bare thighs and worked up below her skirt. I stroked her ass. We both moaned together, to the rhythm of her movements. I followed the edge of her underpants on her butt with my fingers and slid them underneath. Little by little, to the beat of her moans. My other hand gently massaged her left breast and felt how swollen her nipples were. In the meantime my penis got stiff and swelled even more. If my pants hadn’t been so stretchy, it certainly would have stuck out.

I imagined her clitoris rubbing through her underpants, my pants and my boxer shorts over my erect penis. Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear “Change position” and she turned around. Anneleen now sat with her back to me and put her hands on my knees. She did not sit like this for long; she slumped back and lay on her back, moaning and sighing. With her hands she stroked my hair behind my ears. She groaned a little louder, almost imperceptibly. I started caressing her stomach and then her breasts. I raised my head and saw through her blond hair that one of her nipples was sticking out of her top. I stroked it. She trembled for a moment but continued to move and moan.

I pulled her top up even more and she lifted herself a bit so I could take it off. When she lay back down, I pulled down both straps of her bra at the same time, far enough so that both of her breasts were exposed. I stroked them gently with my fingertips. When she arched her back to untie her bra behind her back, I took the bra and threw it somewhere behind us. One hand went back to her breasts, my other stroked the inside of her right thigh. She had her legs pulled up a bit, and I stroked her knee to move back down toward her groin in one smooth motion. I stroked her panties where her pussy should be. I was correct, because the damp stain proved it. I stroked her clitoris through her underpants to the rhythm of her movements. Then she straightened up, and I had to let go of both her breasts and her pussy just because I couldn’t reach it anymore.

I thought she had come to her senses and realized what was happening. I was wrong, because she quickly loosened my belt, opened my pants and slid them together with my boxer shorts towards my knees. She moved forward carefully, removing my shoes and socks, then my pants, along with my underpants. I took off my T-shirt and lay naked on my back. She got up and turned around. Her legs spread slightly, my feet gently squeezed between her high-heeled leather shoes and leather straps, and so she stood there with her black slit short skirt where I could see her wet white underpants from my position. I imagined her pussy behind it smiling at me. A few seconds, no longer. Then I straightened up, sat on my knees for a moment.

I slid my hands under her skirt to take off her underwear. She elegantly stepped out of her underpants in her brown leather shoes, which I held gently to the ground. I came back up high, stroking the outside of her legs. I pulled her skirt up for a moment and then let go to get a firm hold of her. My penis was erect enough to hold up her skirt while pushing horizontally against her vagina. Very gently she took my face and kissed my mouth. I felt her tongue penetrate my mouth gently and tenderly and suck on my lip. With my lower lip between hers, she began to gently move her hip.

We both moaned and kissed each other on the mouth. Then I turned her over and pressed her back against my stomach. I lifted her skirt so that I could stroke her wet open vagina again with my rock hard penis. Anneleen leaned back slightly to kiss me. I let my fingers slide down and started fingering her while she was still pressed against me. She groaned softly. The fact that she was enjoying it turned me on to the point that it almost made me dizzy. I pulled her skirt down with both hands. She kicked it off gently and pulled me against her back. I slowly continued fingering and left my erect penis squeezed between my stomach and her back. I was fingering her like this, both naked, except for her shoes.

Then she turned and put her arms on my shoulders and kissed my mouth. She entered my mouth with her tongue and licked my tongue. I picked her up and she crossed her legs behind my back. I felt her soft pubic hair rub against my penis. I pushed her a little higher to free my stiff dick. It was straight up and when I lowered her back a little I felt my dick press against her bottom. She rocked her hip for a moment. No more was needed to lead him to her open wet pussy. He slipped in. When my head had disappeared inside her she let out a little cry. It felt warm and wet. I lowered her further and Anneleen slid further over my penis. She leaned back a little and groaned.

I walked with her to the wall and pushed her back against the wall. I tilted my pelvis and my dick slid out of her. I gently tilted my pelvis the other way. He slid almost completely into her. She cried again, and leaned her head back against the wall as far back as possible. She pushed my head hard against her neck and pulled my hair a little. “Fuck me!” She said. I tilted my pelvis a little more forcefully than before. And back again. Back and forth, more and more powerfully, and every time I was back inside her she was moaning loudly now. “Yes!” She cried, “Ohh yes! Yes!”.

“I want to see it”, she said. I stopped bumping and put her on her back. I took her left leg and put it on my shoulder. I let my penis slide back into Anneleen’s wet cunt, and started bouncing back and forth. Anneleen shouted of joy and spread her arms as wide as possible on the ground. She raised her head and watched with her big blue eyes as my erect penis pushed her swollen lips aside to give her so much pleasure inside her. I saw one of her blond wavy locks stick to her face as she moaned. When she looked me in the eye, it excited me even more. I let her leg slide off my shoulder and lay on her with my penis in her body. She put her hands on my ass and pushed me even harder into her. “Do you want me to go even harder?”, I asked her and licked her chin. “Ohhh yeah!”, she said and shoved her tongue wildly into my mouth.

I dropped onto her with my full weight and gave everything I could. With powerful thrusts I pushed my erect penis hard into her pussy. Sweat was dripping from my face. I was tired, but I couldn’t stop. Back and forth I pushed my boner in Anneleen’s pussy. She pressed me hard against her, and I felt her nails rip the skin on my back. I loved it and just kept bumping. My member went back and forth. “From behind again!”, Anneleen begged. I let her go and she got down on hands and knees as quickly as she could, her legs gently spread. I pushed my penis into her until my loins touched her buttocks. “Spread your hands as far as possible.” I ordered her, and she did it. With her face pressed to the ground, her arms apart as far as she could and her fingers spread. Her breasts against the floor and her ass wide open towards me. I grabbed her hips and pulled it firmly towards me. I pushed them back and my penis slid all the way out of her. Then I pulled her back to me and pushed my hips full speed forward. “No one has ever been so deep in me!!”, she exclaimed excitedly.

I looked down and saw my stiff cock leave her all the way and her pussy pleading open. I then pushed my penis all the way back in. In and out and back all the way in. Over and over, more and more powerful, until I couldn’t be more powerful. Then I noticed her other hole. I licked my thumb and stuck it up her ass. In the meantime, my dick was going back and forth inside her. Less powerful, but that made her scream, you couldn’t call it just moaning. “I. I can’t hold it anymore, I’m cumming!”, she shouted, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m gonna be cum!! “. She cried out, and I didn’t care if there were others who could hear it. I came with her. For a long time I felt all my cum gather in my balls and then disappear into her wet, swollen pussy. It fell silent. I remained immobile inside her and when my penis weakened I pulled it back. She said, “Oh God!”. I dropped on my back with her next to her. She straightened up for a moment and lay on her back next to me. “Oh God”, said Anneleen, wet with sweat. She rubbed some hair off her face, kissed me again on the mouth and then said: “I never fake, let me know what you think? Tell me… I can take it”