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We have been together for 2 years now and have a wonderful time together, and together we discover the most exciting things. Last year we went on holiday together for the first time. With a bus trip to Hungary. The bus trip did not start too well, but that changed later…

We left in the afternoon and chose a spot. We sat in the back and behind us in the backseat were a bunch of girls from about 18 years. They had gone out the night before the trip so that they could sleep on the bus. After dinner in a roadside restaurant and a boring movie in the bus, the lights were turned down and it was time to go to sleep, the driver said. I snuggled up close to my friend and enjoyed our first trip as a couple.

I wasn’t wearing a bra, just a t-shirt and a thong with my sweatpants over it. Suddenly I felt my friend’s hand go under my T-shirt and he started rubbing my nipples very gently. I soon became very excited and whispered in his ear that I wanted him. He didn’t react to this but moved his hand down and loosened the strings of my pants so he could get in with his had. He told me to sit back a bit, and I did that right away.

He has been fingering me like this for a while. He unbuttoned his pants himself and pulled his horny cock over the waistband. I couldn’t see much in the dark, but it was rock hard and I knew what to do. I took it nicely in my hands and started to massage and jerk him off very slowly.

He enjoyed it and told me to get my ass up a little bit. When I did, he carefully slid my pants and slip down so that I was now on the bus with my pants on my ankles. He put a sweater over it just to be sure. He dropped his head to my breasts and pulled my sweater up slightly. He started to suck on my nipples, which were now very sensitive. He descended to my belly button and then dove with his head between my legs and started to lick me crazy.

First very teasing about my clit and later it gets harder. It seemed as if he sucked my pleasure lump all the way in and at the same time he put a finger in my wet pussy. At that moment I couldn’t do much else but enjoy and so I did. He licked me and sucked my clit and I was lying there moaning wonderfully, when I saw that the boy of the couple next to us woke up.

He watched with difficulty what we were doing and I was just about to warn my friend, but he motioned me not to say anything. While my friend was doing so well, I saw that the boy took his dick out of his pants and was gently jerking off. Apparently our spectacle really excited him because in no time his dick was straight up.

This actually made me extra horny, and I came afterwards. I pulled my friend up and gave him a nice French kiss. I tasted my horny on his lips. I pulled him towards me with his face so that he did not see the boy was watching us and started to jerk him off again. Later on I started sucking him too and I could tell from the boy that he had hoped it was him. He started jerking wilder and I saw that he was about to cum.

I pulled my t-shirt up a little and let him enjoy my breasts. I now massaged my friends cock with my breasts. Then the boy came and he caught his cum with a piece of clothing that hung over the chair in front of him. My friend had his eyes closed, enjoying my touch and began to moan softly.

He took my head and pushed my mouth against his balls and I took his cock deep in my mouth again. I noticed he was about to cum, I freed my pants from one leg and climbed on top of him. I dropped over his pole like and the boy next to us was watching. He quickly filled me up with his cum while we were kissing each other.

Then my friend whispered in my ear that he had never experienced anything so exciting. The idea that someone could just see you… I laughed and told him that had happened. My friend was shocked and looked around. Meanwhile the boy had slumped again and had his eyes closed. I pointed him out and told everything that had just happened to my friend.

The next day when everyone was awake we got talking to the couple next to us. I told the boy my friend knew and he told his girlfriend. The whole week the four of us went out. And when I tell you that we enjoyed each other quite a lot, then you know what happened…