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At school I was expelled along with Melissa and Joyce, we had to meet after school. So after school we were in the classroom but there were more students, to be precise 4 other girls. “Children, now I have a meeting that lasts an hour, meanwhile you can think why you are here”, said the teacher and he left the class. “Well that’s nice”, I said, “Now we can get bored”. “Why should we be bored”, said Melissa. I didn’t understand her then, but suddenly she bends to my cock.

“What are you doing, there are a lot of other girls here”, I said. “Well, and?”, said Melissa, “it won’t bother me anyway” and she starts to stroke my cock. I got a huge erection and Melissa takes my big cock in her warm mouth. By now 4 out of 5 girls had already figured out what was going on. Looks like the other girls were getting turned on too because I saw another girl’s hand from 6th grade named Jessica sliding under the skirt of another girl.

I start to French kiss Melissa and it was already getting pretty hot in the classroom. I took off the top from Melissa, then I took her bra. By now Jessica was eating out another girl under her skirt. Melissa and I were completely naked. We walked over to Joyce and we start to undress her. “Wow what a nice pair of tits you have, Joyce”, said Melissa. You could already hear the moans from the girl who was eating Jessica.

Melissa and Joyce were French kissing. “Hey, I’m here too”, I said. “That’s right”, said Melissa smiling. And Melissa and Joyce started to pamper my cock with their tongues. I looked the other way and I see Jessica and the other girl pulling in the last girl who didn’t join us yet. Melissa starts sucking me like crazy while Joyce is eating her out. In a short time there is a great groan. “Now Joyce still has to cum”, I said and I put Joyce on a table and I put one leg of hers on my back and let my cock slide into her tight slit.

After a while you hear your Joyce yell “YES!!! Go on!!! Fuck me, fuck me!!! Deeper, deeper!! Yeah I’m cumming!!!” and her pussy closes wonderfully around my dick. A look to the side and I see Jessica and another girl cumming in position 69. I turn to Melissa who is eating out Joyce by now. I stand behind Melissa as I penetrate her from behind. “Oh yes go on, Mel, I’m cumming”, you could hear Joyce moaning.

I fuck Melissa from behind very slowly. Joyce starts shaking her beautiful body violently and shouts “OH YES! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!”. Melissa stops licking and I immediately go into second gear and I fuck Melissa fast, hard and deep. Melissa starts to move harder and shouts “Oh yeah Marc, go deeper, deeper, I am gonna CUM!!!”, and she cums wonderfully and falls down exhausted.

Joyce slides off the table, turns and leans her hands on the table. “Take me anally Marc” says Joyce. I get behind Joyce and I put my dick up her tight ass. Joyce slowly moves back and forth. In the beginning it was rather slow but soon it we go faster and faster. Now Joyce no longer slowly moves back and forth and I start to thrust like crazy. With every thrust you can hear my balls hitting Joyce’s pussy. After a minute you hear Joyce shout, “Yeah deeper deeper, go on Marc, cum in my ass, YES go on! I’m cumming”, and we cum simultaneously.

After we got dressed and sat again, the teacher came in. “So you know now that you were wrong in being so wild in class?” asked the teacher. “Yes sir” we replied. But we were sent out quite often to repeat the event.