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Harry called Vince to ask him if he wanted to do something completely different that night. It was usually common practice that they went to their favorite bar and had a beer and a bit of weak dick. But Harry wanted to see a bunch of girls in bathing suits again. So he suggested going to the pool for a change that evening.

Harry and Vince worked together in construction and often went out together. They had just left school and were glad they got this job. It was still quite cold this spring and they needed to finally see something naked again. Vince thought it was a good idea of ​​Harry and they agreed that Harry would pick up Vince at a quarter to eight with his car. At exactly a quarter to eight, Harry was at Vince’s door and sounded the horn. Vince came out with his swimming gear and quickly they reached the pool. Harry parked his car in the parking lot. They walked in through the entrance and bought a ticket each, just for that night. They didn’t know, of course, whether they would like it. If they liked it, they would take a subscription the next time.

They looked for a cubicle that was still empty, but they were all empty, because you had to hang your clothes on a hanger and drop off at a counter. There they were given a number that they had to keep, otherwise they would have to go home in a swimsuit. Then they took a shower. That was also required, otherwise you would not get into the bath. After taking a shower they walked towards the pool with dripping hair.

They looked around to see if there was any feminine beauty present. That’s what they came for. Almost all the beautiful girls they saw had a few guys around them. They didn’t wanted to join them. Suddenly Harry noticed a girl who just came out of the water. Goddamn, just look at that! Harry told Vince and they both looked with half open mouths at that beautiful figure that was dripping with water from the pool. She had a beautiful brown skin and sho wore a super tiny bikini which was extremely white. It showed so much of her body, that Harry and Vince immediately had a hard time getting their cocks under control.

Her tits were also of a great size, neither too big nor too small. The bra was just big enough to fit her piercing nipple. Beautiful curves appeared on all sides, protruding from her bra. You could see her labia completely through these very thin pants. Vince couldn’t stand it any longer, a huge dickhead that protruded above his pants. He stopped waiting and jumped into the water to cool off. Harry had a little more control over himself and he approached that beauty like a pro.

Hello, you look so lovely in that white bikini, my mate couldn’t control himself at the sight of so much beauty and had to go in the water. Look there he swims with that red head! He had expected the girl to walk through him without giving him a glance But the opposite was true, she looked at Vince and as she came very close to Harry; Oh yeah? Did he get a stiff dick just by looking at my tits and pussy? And you? And she pressed her stomach against Harry and he felt his cock react immediately!

She touched his growing dick for a moment and immediately gave him a good view of her tits. Harry could no longer hold back and he had to go into the water to avoid being a joker. With a splash he also ended up in the water. They were laughed at by the girl. They now had expected the girl to run away, but she had a second surprise for Harry and Vince. A moment later she jumped into the water and swam towards the boys. The three of them swam around and playfully splashed each other with some water.

Then they hanged on the edge of the basin with her between the two boys. Under water she immediately felt if Harry’s and Vince’s dicks were still hard. When that turned out not to be the case anymore, she said with a smile: How about those dicks guys! Hey, my name is Debra and you? Harry and Vince were pretty sure the subscription would come soon. My name is Harry and that is Vince, said Harry. Spontaneously she gave both a kiss. You are best twinks. Do you have anything to do later, do you feel like fucking me? I’m really looking forward to it and you?

When the boys did not answer, Debra continued laughing; I noticed you have soft dick again. I want to do something about that, or don’t you want to? Yes, of course we do, Harry replied. Within fifteen minutes the three of them in got Harry’s car. Vince was sitting next to her and Harry was a little jealous behind the wheel. Just drive, said Debra and before the car had driven two meters she had Vince’s dick already out of his pants. She also started kissing him nicely and Harry saw everything in his mirror with increasing tension.

He drove to a quiet place. They were there in six minutes. But at that time Debra had already managed to take off her sweater and Vince was just taking of her tight jean over her ass. First Vince can fuck me and I will give Harry a good suck, okay? said Debra, while she immediately spread her legs wide open when her pants was off. She pulled Vince between her legs with his hard cock and told Harry to come next to her in the backseat. Vince had his dick a few times in her already and she was getting pretty wet.

When Harry got into the back seat Debra leaned sideways towards him and within three seconds had his big rod in her warm mouth. In the meantime, Vince had his dick in her pussy up to his balls. Very passionate he started to fuck with long strokes. Debra’s tongue went quickly over Harry’s glans and her tongue occasionally touched his piss hole. It was quickly driving Harray to its peak. Vince now grabbed Debra by her ass to press her against him even more intensely. Harry was now also working on her tits, he massaged and caressed them. The two boys felt that the excitement of that night would prevent them from lasting long.

Supporting and groaning, they both climaxed and luckily for Debra, Vince was able to keep it up until Debra started squirming and grunting from her orgasm. For a moment Debra rested. Then she pushed Vince away from between her legs and asked the still hard Harry to lower the seats. Harry quickly lowered the chairs and now they had much more space. Debra lay down in the middle and beckoned Harry to fuck her from the front. Or are you not ready yet? Debra asked with a mouth still full of sperm from his first time. She licked everything up nicely and rubbed the rest over her face and neck and said, laughing; There isn’t any better cream than sperm for a healthy woman’s skin.

The idea that Harry was allowed to fuck her now made his cock grow again. He lay down next to her, spread her legs and put one leg on his back. He then grabbed his dick and shoved it into her soaking wet cunt. It was now well lubricated with the semen of his friend. Blissfully his still growing cock slid into her hot plum. In the meantime Vince laid down behind Debra as she kept her buttocks apart and presented Vince with her anus. Vince quickly pushes his dick into her shit hole and let out a sigh of pleasure; Amazing Debra, I have now felt your pussy, but your ass is even better. It’s so tight! And he thrusts in and out several times in a row.

Debra and Harry caught in a long French kiss as the three bodies are now trying to move in harmony, something that didn’t work at first. But soon they realize the rhythm and Debra is fucked like crazy from both sides! Faster… Harder… I’m cumming… Guys… I’m getting fucked hard by your cocks… Keep going… Yeah… I can feel it! With the last thrusts in Debra, it suddenly started to suck hard. Even their balls were sucked. Harry and Vince also had a great explosion of cum. The power from their cocks was sucked into her glowing cunt and anus.

Vince gasped and slowly pulled his limp cock out of her anus. He looks admiringly at the slowly closing hole. But before it is completely closed again, another trickle of semen runs out on his towel that he had underneath. The car still shook from the tremendous effort of the three. Debra had fucked them completely empty and she was lying wonderfully between the two boys, enjoying the wonderful fuck party.

Now it was time for them to take Debra home. Slowly they started to get dressed again, and Harry said, closing his pants; Debra, girl, shall we take you home for a while? Yes, that’s okay, I live near here. Within two minutes they were in front of the house where Debra lived. There we are Debra! Harry said and got out and held the door open for her. She got out and asked them spontaneously; You are still going to come in. Right? My mother will probably want to take a closer look at you too. Harry quickly closed the car and then ran to the front door and saw that Debra was already talking to her mother.

Hi guys, get in here! she said, moving ahead of the boys into the room. The two boys looked at the woman and they now knew where Debra got her beauty from. God, what a woman! They looked around the room and saw no one else. We live here together, said the lady. When she saw the looks of the boys she immediately continued: You had a nice fuck with Debra, didn’t you? But I would also like to take a piece of Debra’s conquests. Can you do one more time? For mom? Yes?

Now Harry and Vince understood where Debra’s bluntnes came from. Harry looked surprised from Vince to Debra and then again to Mrs. I think so, ma’am, Vince began, who didn’t mind older mature women. She had more experience and could probably suck even harder. My name is Lola and your names are Vince and Harry, isn’t that true, Debra? said Debra’s mother and she got up again and said to the boys; Are you going to the bedroom, we can fuck a bit better than in the car! Haha, and Debra will you make sure you have a nice drink, yes?

Lola walked in front of Vince and Harry to the bedroom and when she was in the middle of it she pulled her shoulder straps aside and in a second she was naked!! And how! Vince felt his dick grow like a rocket. When he saw the muscular sucking pussy he quickly pulled his pants off. That’s how I like to see it, Lola said and helped Vince undress further. Then she went to lie down and spread her arms and legs wide and invited Vince to step into her pussy. Vince did not hesitate for a second and with a roar he jumped on the woman and wanted him inside her.

He started riding her like he hadn’t had a woman for ten weeks. Vince’s dick immediately disappeared completely into the soaking wet cunt. Her legs closed around his waist and her feet hooked into each other, she had sucked herself on him and had no intention of letting go. They rolled through the bed fucking like savages. Lola hit Vince with all kinds of dirty language. The whole scene also relighted the sex drive in Harry. He also took off his pants and reached for swollen dick. Let me do that, said Debra, who came in again with a tray full of glass. She put it on the bedside table and smiled for a moment at her mother, who was sweating heavily with Vince.

Debra pulled Harry by his dick to a a rug in front of the bed and she put it him on his back. Debra did not allow herself any time. She pulled up her miniskirt and a shiny black gym pants became visible. In two seconds she sucked Harry’s dick and gym bottoms all in her wet pussy. Due to the firm sucking his cock hardend even more, sliding down the smooth fabric immediately set his cock on fire. Loud groans sounded in the bedroom, and it wouldn’t be long before Lola was cumming. The others already had a few more turns.

With a terribly high scream Lola came and sucked very hard on Vince’s cock. After that, it quickly took over the rhythm of the banging Vince who also came close to his climax through that scream. Growling he threw the very last remnant of semen what he still had, in Lola’s still hard-sucking pussy. Harry also climaxed, quite soon followed by Debra.

This is crazy, Vince supported, who lay his head between Lola’s creamy tits. Harry, like Debra, was also at the end of his rope. They were completely blown out. I can no longer said Harry and leaned on his elbows and watched his now very shrunken cock slide out the pussy of Debra. Ten minutes later all four of them were sitting on the big bed enjoying the cool drinks. The following days the two friends saw little of the pool, but all the more of these two beautiful bodies.