Dear niece

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On a Saturday afternoon I got a call from my niece Carla asking if I was okay with her coming over for a drink. I was very pleasantly surprised as she was always my favorite niece. As a child I thought she was a very beautiful woman. One time when she was staying at our house I saw her kissing her boyfriend. I’ve never forgiven that friend (now her husband) for this. Many a wet dreams I have had about her. But I haven’t seen her for years, we lost touch. She must now be about 37/38 years old.

I got nervous, I had nothing at home and she would be at the door within 15 minutes. I accepted the situation, after all I was a student. After 20 minutes the bell rang, I opened the door and there was a beautiful woman standing there. I could hardly believe this was the same niece Carla. Are you really Carla? I asked in surprise. Yes, what did you think. God what a beautiful niece, I said. Thank you and we kissed each other on the cheeks.

We went to my tiny living room / bedroom. Sit down and make yourself comfortable, I will make some coffee. After ten minutes a fresh cup of coffee was on the table. We brought back all kinds of memories from years ago. I asked how it was at home. Well Paul and I have been separated for two months. How terrible. Well, it’s not that bad, he neglected me in a scandalous way. How could he do that to you, such a beautiful woman. There was a small smile.

He had so many other women. And softly she began to weep. I got up and sat down next to her and put an arm around her. Oh dear niece, I said flatteringly, people like that don’t shed tears, they are not worth your tears. You have become a real wise sweet boy, and she put her head on my shoulders. I thought this was a very pleasant feeling, as she curled up to me.

I could tell from her breathing that she was getting calmer. After a while she said, can I get another cup of coffee? Yes of course, I said and jumped up. I was so comfortable with you in my arms, I wanted to cherish that moment. Well when you’re done I’ll curl up into you again, okay? I poured the coffee and sat down in the chair. Don’t you want to sit next to me anymore. I was so embarrassed. I sat down next to her again, and immediately she put her head back on my shoulder. Gosh, Carla said, it’s such a wonderfully protective feeling, that arm around me. I chuckled a little and said nothing.

How is your relation? Carla asked. I’m not dating yet. How is that possible? Such a handsome guy. I don’t think I have met the right girl yet. That’s right, said Carla, you shouldn’t force it, it will come naturally. But now I understand why you like it so much that I lie against you. You lack warmth and tenderness. I agreed. I understand, I heard her whisper. And she turned her head and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wanted to be a smart and said I’d rather get that kiss on my mouth instead. It really was meant as a joke. Is that so, she turned to me and kissed me on my mouth. Her tongue disappeared into my mouth and our tongues played wildly.

Did you mean like that? My god Carla, you’re such a good kisser. She turned completely now and lay with her head on my legs and looked me straight in the eyes. I think it’s because I haven’t had a man for ages. Well, I said, I think you’ve always been able to do that well. But who cares, I liked it and now I want another one. I lifted her head and my tongue disappeared deep into her mouth. Our tongues went wild and we sucked together.

My hand stroked her legs, slowly towards her crotch. Her breathing became heavier and heavier now. Until I reached her panties. I gently stroked her panties with a finger. Her panties were drenched, she was soaking wet. I now let my hand run free and grabbed her crotch and stroked her wet panties. Oh Albert, this is getting out of hand, this is not right. Do you want me to stop? Just say it, Carla. You can’t ask me that, she said. Should I continue? Albert, don’t ask questions. In the meantime I had pushed her panties aside and there was a finger in her wet pussy. She sighed and groaned very softly.

Suddenly she got up and said; I can’t hold in anymore, and she got completely undressed very quickly. A pair of lovely big firm tits emerged. The nipples were rock hard pointing forward. She opened my zipper and took my rock hard cock out of my pants. Mmmmmm, she said, that looks good. And took the head of my dick between her lips. She started to suck with great force. And I really thought for a moment that I was going to die. What I felt now was not possible in this world. So delicious.

I pulled her free from my dick and took her to my bed which was three feet. We dropped onto the bed and I continued to undress while Carla already had my dick back in her mouth. Oh, she moaned, what a nice dick this is. I turned her on her back and we took position 69. She sucked my dick and I sucked her clit. I took it between my teeth and sucked it hard. Immediately she put her teeth in my dick. We both screamed. Her juices poured down my face and I struggled to keep my cum in. I wriggled out and turned around. She knew what I was going to do, she spread her legs. And with one thrust my dick was up to my balls in that delicious wet cunt.

Goddamn, she screamed, what is this nice, come on boy fuck me hard. I’ve missed this so much and I’m horny as hell. Fuck me, fuck, fuck! I fucked wildly and uncontrollably. Carla literally screamed. I smothered the screams because I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues were in a wild fight. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her ankles drummed like crazy on my ass. She got wild as a fury. Unbelievable how horny this woman was. She was shaking violently under me and with a loud cry she came.

I turned her over so she was on her knees. And I rammed my still hard cock into her cunt. I fucked her wildly and leaned over and kneaded her delicious tits. Then I pulled back and with a hard punch I rammed my dick in her ass. Oh boy, I like that so much, come on bang me like you never fucked before. Put your finger in my cunt, come on, I want to cum again otherwise I’ll go crazy. That’s when I shot my cum in her ass. And she also came screaming.

She came to lie in my arms and we let our breathing rest again. I stroked her back and she stroked my chest. Will you come back more often? I asked Carla. Maybe more often than you would like. The way you fuck is so very addictive. And again our mouths met in a fierce French kiss that lasted a very long time.

Do you have plans tonight she asked? no i said. Can I stay tonight? Yes, I said, as long as you don’t have any regrets tomorrow. No, don’t be afraid. We didn’t sleep much, we made love and fucked all night long. She still comes regularly to have fun together.