Dear Marie

6.6  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 6m blowjob car licking outdoor straight

Hello dear Marie,

Your last letter was also an orderly one with lots of horny bits which I enjoyed and don’t want to withhold from you now. I am so horny today, which is also due to the weather and all the beautiful things that can be seen. I had my thoughts very strong with us together where we had an outing just the two of us. I also hope that it will work out one day given my fantasy about this.

I’ve been masturbating more and more lately and can’t get enough. Sometimes twice a day. I can only think about your beautiful long legs and your face and how you enjoy being kissed and caressed. At the time of writing this, I am also quite horny and I am very naked in front of the computer due to the heat of this day. Also during this writing I have a wonderful boner that has been very hard for quite some time and I can endure it until I cum to keep this nice feeling. This way I can also think better to write your horny words.

We drive together to a quiet place where we could not touch each other on the way and caressed each other between our thighs. You have taken off your pants and are sitting next to me in the car without it. With my right hand I can stroke your pleasure button and also try to work your hole where I feel that you have become wonderfully wet and horny.

Your hand is in my pants and is also trying to get my now hardened pole out. I drive in a small road where we think we can be alone somewhere in a quiet spot. Here are many places where we can do whatever we want. I stop the car and walk to your seat and slide your legs out and spread them so that my face is between your legs.

With my hands I massage your thighs and my tongue works your delicious hard button. I can taste your horniness and go crazy with so much horny. Finally we can enjoy together again what we have longed for. Because I’m standing and you’re in the car, your face is around the height of my stiff pole that comes out of my pants. You can then suck and work on it with your tongue.

I have to take it out of your mouth quickly so as not to have an orgasm prematurely because I want to do it with you for some time. I want to take you and I will when I ask you to get out of the car and put your hands on the roof and I lift your skirt up behind you to squeeze my dick between your ass. Because of your hornyness my stiff cock slides right into your wet groove and with my hands I can massage your delicious tits under your blouse.

Oh dear Marie, I think a lot about this fantasy to be able to take you again in my arms to satisfy your horniness again. You are such a hot girl who also deserves to enjoy yourself a little more and get a real pole between your legs. I would also like to spray you and I dream every day that this will be possible again.

In your monastic life you have had to do without a lot and understand very well that you still want a lot. I wish you that you can enjoy your hornyness for a long time and can do this regularly, in the shower in your bed and on your bike. Just think of my hard pole and enjoy it with closed eyes with images that you know and would like to perform.

I think a lot about you!