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It was so good! One day I was just making myself horny when my brother came home with a very good friend of his. The friend was terribly hot, I immediately wanted to jump on him and take his pants off. My brother pulled his friend upstairs, then my brother walked ahead of him to his bedroom, his friend followed and also passed my bedroom. He looked in, straight into my eyes, I saw his gaze descend my body and stop at my tits. I saw the big bulge in his pants move a bit and I saw him looking very horny and longing.

I walked right up to him and stood right in front of him so that he looked straight at my tits, he grabbed my waist very quickly with one hand and with the other he grabbed my tits. He pressed his sultry lips against my opened lips and began to tongue so horny with me that I pressed against him and began to moan. I moved my hands over his stomach and in the direction of his cock. I touched his cock softly but forcefully and felt it harden under my hands. That excited me even more and I lifted one leg and put it around him.

Then he stopped kissing and said he had to go to my brother quickly, I was tired because I had such a tickle and longing in my stomach. He told me his name was Daniel and was 19 years old, I was 18 years old at the time. I quickly told him that I would be standing by the lamppost in front of the disco tomorrow night at 23:00.

The next day I was all made up, like a whore with a mini skirt and a very short top. I was waiting for Daniel under the lamppost. A few minutes after 11 that horny tough twink came over, when he stood by me he immediately grabbed my mouth and kissed me so fantastic that my legs were shaking and I was moaning from hornyness.

I pulled myself away from his mouth and he immediately said: “at my house, no one is there now.” An hour later we were there, once inside we started kissing like crazy again and I lifted my legs and put them around him. I pulled on his pants and unzipped his zipper, I put my fingers around his cock and the only thing I could stammer was: “What a wonderful big cock you have.” He reacted very violently and moved his cock towards my bald pussy, I quickly pulled off my whore top and mini skirt. I ripped his pants off his tight horny ass and threw it on the floor. He bent over and licked my horny clit, it made me so horny and started moaning loud.

He jumped to his feet and rammed me against the wall with his 8 inch big cock inside me. He was fucking hard and I moaned and screamed the whole neighborhood could hear me. I felt his big cock burst and my pussy tighten, then he rammed one more time very hard and then the cum shot through me, he took his cock out of me and I started sucking on it. I licked his cock all the way until I reached his balls and started sucking on them. I licked all the way back to the tip of his cock and licked it until it burst again, then I pushed Daniel to the floor and sat on top of him and rode him.

I made teasing twists and turns and squeezed his balls gently. I moved up and down and groaned it out, he groaned and moved with me. He grabbed my hips and pushed me hard on him, he kept pushing until he was completely in my pussy with his total length, he started to move me up and down again, an explosion of moaning followed now that he sprayed all his cum in my dripping wet pussy.

He tongued me again vigorously and then jumped up, he pulled me up too. I felt the horny leaking from my pussy, he squatted and licked it off me. Then we kissed again for a while. He took me home after an hour. since then we have had a very intense and horny sex life for already 8 years!