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Hi I am 18 years old and recently lost my virginity. It was on a warm Wednesday afternoon when I came from school with some friends around 2pm. We planned to visit the hookers on the main street. Not to spend money, but only to look because that is also fun of course. It wasn’t my first time in there but it was considerably busier than last time. There were more girls and more visitors including an old guy over 50.

After we got tired of the girls and had made fun of the old guy, we got back on our bikes to go home. Along the way I made a comment that totally suited me, to visit again but with money. The others looked at me like I was out of my mind or something, so I quickly said that it was a joke with a big smile on my face.

When we drove past my ex’s house, I said that I had to pick up something and that the others could go on without me because it could take a while. Of course I didn’t have to pick up anything but I was terribly turned on by all those girls and I thought I might as well try. Her parents aren’t at home anyway.

I rang the doorbell and my ex-girlfriend opened the door. she looked beautiful in her tight Levi’s pants and thin shirt with the number 55 on it. I asked if i could come in. The answer was clearly yes. I saw that she was looking forward to it and I knew she was no longer a virgin either. There was only one thing problem; she already had another boyfriend.

She asked me why I came over and I said I wanted to pay a visit because I actually missed her. We started talking about this and that and I started moving closer and closer to her. She also began to say that her current boyfriend, had threatened to break up because he felt threatened by me. He should feel threatened, I thought to myself.

I started to get a little more physical in order to comfort her. It went on for a while and we both started getting a little closer to each other. It was getting late and I asked if I could call home to say it will be a little later.

The phone was in the hallway so my ex couldn’t hear anything I said. I told my father that I would sleep with a friend tonight and do my homework there. The second phone call went to casper, a good friend of mine who is 2 years older and has been with someone several times. I asked for his advice and he explained some of his own techniques.

“I see your brother is coming home. Let’s go upstairs.”, I shouted. She jumped up and we walked upstairs. I felt lord and master of the situation. Once upstairs I started kissing her and when I noticed she didn’t mind at all, I started fiddling with her tits.

We sat down on her bed and continued. I stroked her pussy with two fingers and I felt a wave of pleasure going through her. Her body was just screaming for more. then I made a stupid move, I started talking about her current boyfriend. But miraculously she didn’t mind and said, “Forget him, I will do too”. At that moment she took over the leadership and pushed me back on the bed.

She untied my button and fly and massaged my balls. Then she pulled my boxer down and took my semi-stiff cock into her mouth. I shot up, but she pushed me back and continued. This was new and exciting for me. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it back and forth like I had seen in movies. I moaned softly but didn’t want to cum yet. Strange because when I jerk off I can never stop until cum.

In the meantime I had penetrated her Levi’s pants and had stroked her clit with my ring and middle finger. She wagged like a puppy. Then I took the pants off completely and lifted her up to lay on the bed. I came in with my tongue as far as I could. It tasted strange, a little bitter, but that couldn’t spoil the fun.

She liked it all too much and asked for more. I continued with my fingers as I pulled my pants all the way down so that everything was easily accessible. She had already gotten all wet and I thought now was the time to go in, but I loved the foreplay and wanted to continue with it first.

But she just demanded to be penetrated. I took out my cock which was now at least 7 inches long. I drilled in her cunt and it went really easy. I always thought it would be difficult at first. I satisfied her with slow, hard thrusts. I kissed her neck and gently bit her earlobes. With one hand I kept my balance and with the other I played with her tits.

It was indescribable how I felt then. I felt like a new person. It went on like this for a while before I put her in another position and moved on. Now with faster thrusts. It was difficult to keep the sounds muffled because of her brother watching TV downstairs, so I pressed her head into the pillow when we both got to our climax.

I could suppress it mostly, but I heard her screams of pleasure right through the pillow. I pulled her head out again and now pressed it towards my dick. She licked everything clean but didn’t swallow yet. She kissed me and I had to eat the rest of my own cum. That tasted quite strange, a little salty. We tried different positions until we fell asleep. It was heavenly and I have had many dreams about her.