Colleague and his wife

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My name is Alfred, I am 29 years old, married to Chloe who is 27 years old. Chloe is quite conservative and a bit squeamish. One evening, my 42 year old colleague Ronald invited me to visit him with my wife. After discussing with Chloe we decided to accept the invitation. I had declined his invitation before, since I want to keep private stuff and work separate. But after asking three times we said; well come on, we’ll do it this one time.

It was Saturday evening and Chloe and I were reluctantly on our way to Ronald and his wife Karin. Chloe was already trying to figure out topics to talk about. What are they interested in? I don’t know. What do they like? Well Ronald is crazy about boats, I don’t know anything about her. Well that’s just great, I don’t even know the difference between a canoe and a yacht. What am I going to talk about? This will be a pleasant Saturday evening, I can already feel that, Chloe said in a sarcastic way. Take it easy, perhaps it is not so bad. It wasn’t my idea!!

At about 9:00 PM I rang their doorbell. Ronald opened the door and shouted very enthusiastically; hello boy, come on in, you must be Chloe? That’s right, said Chloe. We went into the room and saw Karin. An ordinary good looking woman of about 40-45 years old. She looked really good for her age. We introduced each other and had our cup of coffee. We talked about literally everything. What struck me was that Ronald and Chloe got along very well. Ronald had no eye for anything else but Chloe. Incidentally, I was also able to enjoy myself quite well with the hostess. We talked about holidays etc. etc.

Ronald had a few drinks and became more casual. He started making some dirty jokes, which Chloe normally dislikes. But Chloe was laughing loudly and having a good time. I thought that one glass of wine was already a bit too much. I’ll probably have to drive back tonight myself. But there was nothing to indicate that Chloe was drinking too much, only that she was having more fun than usual.

Karin said she was going to the kitchen to prepare a few snacks. Because Chloe and Ronald had such a good time and I almost did not interfere. I suggested helping her. Karin agreed pleasantly. We went into the kitchen and I followed Karin’s instructions. After ten minutes, Karin said; In the cupboard in the room is a bowl, you want to ask Ronald if he wants to grab for us. Okay, I opened the room door (it was still ajar) I was transfixed. Chloe was kissing violently with Ronald, and had his dick in her hand. I said nothing, I could not do anything, I was dumbfounded and watched their tongues be engaged in a fight.

I don’t know how long I stood there, but suddenly I felt Karin’s hand stroke my back. Impressed? she asked. Eh meh, I couldn’t say more. Chloe and Ronald looked up. Chloe; What an exciting evening this is. Yes I see. I think we should go home. Oh no, Karin said, you’re not that conservative, are you? No not at all, but before I could say anything else Karin pushed me into the sofa and sat next to me. Then show me you’re not that conservative. I looked questioningly at her and Chloe. But Karin leaned over and kissed my mouth. I looked again at Chloe and saw that she was already deeply kissing Ronald again. My dick really started to grow now, it excited me to see them kiss so hard.

Suddenly I felt a hand caress over my crotch, I looked and looked into Karin’s eyes, immediately she leaned towards me and I felt her tongue slip into me. I was quite aroused by now and I returned her kiss just as fiercely and vehemently. I really forgot everything around me now. Our tongues were in endless battle. And now I was caressing her whole body and kneading her tits, which were exceptionally large. That had not been noticed in the clothes she was wearing. I opened her blouse and released those tits. What a beautiful body that person had. Her tits drooped slightly but they were firm. In the meantime she had taken my cock out of my pants and pulled it softly. What a nice dick you have, and I let my hand disappear under her skirt, straight into her panties. She was soaking wet. And in the corner of my eye I saw that Chloe now had Ronald’s dick in her mouth. He groaned and groaned as if it was a great pleasure.

I felt Karin’s lips close around my dick and I thought I was going crazy. What could she suck. I turned around because I wanted to see her pussy and take her lips in my mouth. Her clit was large and swollen. I took it between my teeth and bit it gently. She cried out. I also heard Chloe moan and support and when I watched I saw that his dick was already deep in her pussy. She had put her legs and arms around him and their mouths were sucked together. I heard Karin say; come on boy now I want to feel your dick too. I wouldn’t let myself be told that a second time. I turned away from her and Karin sat on the couch with legs apart and I unceremoniously rammed my cock into her soaked cunt. Oh boy! How nice, fuck me hard, fuck me crazy, fuck ohhhhhhh yeah.

Her moan was stifled by me pushing my tongue deep into the back of her mouth. She immediately answered my kiss and our tongues were entwined. And with a loud cry I shot my cum in her cunt and she was also shaking. I’m cumming, she shouted. And elsewhere in the room I heard more moans and screams. Chloe had also cum. Leaning back in the couch and stroking Karin’s tits, I was recovering. When I felt a pair of lips around my dick. I looked and saw Chloe sucking my dick. Didn’t have enough yet? I asked. I want to taste Karin she said. I was really dumbfounded, where was that prudish Chloe? After Chloe had licked my dick clean she also sat down quietly.

Karin says; I’m going to freshen up. ok, we said. Do you want Chloe too? she asked. Yes, Chloe said, I’ll be right there. We chatted a bit then Chloe also went upstairs. After a few minutes I also got up, I had to pee like crazy. I went to the bathroom and when I came out I thought I heard some groans. I gently walked upstairs. And yes Chloe and Karin were in bed and were kissing intensely. They literally suckled each other. My dick was straight up again.

It was such a horny sight, two women making love. I did not hesitate for a moment and lay behind Karin and thrust my dick in at once. I started to fuck her violently and those two only started kissing more intensely. I kneaded those delicious big tits and pulled my dick back. Without asking if she liked it, I rammed my dick in her ass. She stopped kissing because she gasped and screamed; you dirty bastard! That is the nicest thing there is and only Ronald is allowed. Should I stop then? I whispered in her ear. No! Fuck me hard, go on then. And Chloe had now taken her clit in her mouth and sucked it hard. Ronald had also come upstairs in the meantime and rammed his dick in the ass of Chloe. Who in turn screamed bloody murder. Grunting and groaning, all four of us came.

We have been making out and fucking all night, now they also visit us regularly. We neither knew that you could enjoy two older people so well.