Cinema blind date

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It was a warm summer night when I had a blind date at the cinema. We had met each other on a chat box and now wanted something more than a phone call or an online chat. Those phone calls were quite horny, but of course it is not the real deal. We met at the cinema and went to see Scary Movie. Unfortunately we didn’t see much of the film, well unfortunately…

We were all the way in the back, at the top of the room and there were only two more couples a bit further down in the room. During the intro of the film we looked at each other and already knew that we wanted somethings else than to watch the movie. I’ll never forget that horny look in his eyes. I was not wearing a bra or panties and was wearing a white dress. I could already feel my nipples getting hard against the soft fabric.

Suddenly I felt his hand gently against my legs. “Do you want to?”, he asked. I said yes and widened my legs a bit so he could reach in a bit better. He slowly moved towards my clit and enjoyed it when he noticed that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I unbuttoned his pants and went looking for his dick. I found it quickly because it was already rock hard and it almost stuck out through his shorts!!

While he was fingering me like that and always pushing deep into my pussy I was jerking him off. The film, of course, just continued. I slid off my chair and sat on the floor in front of him. I took his nice thick cock out of his pants and started to suck on it softly and took it a little deeper in my mouth. He enjoyed it and massaged my nipples in the meantime.

We were both so horny that we wanted even more, but were a bit worried that the break would start, so we just kept going like it was. I felt that he was almost cumming and he was panting louder and louder. I straightened my skirt and sat down in the chair next to him.

With his pants half down he now sat down in front of me and spread my legs over the armrests. He licked me wonderfully and occasionally bit my clit gently. He gently pushed a finger in, licking hard all the time. Then the light went on slowly and with a red head we quickly straightened our clothes. With a red head and big smiles, we walked out of the cinema, it was no use watching the rest of the film.

We drove to the forest and took everything off and then went for a ride on the soft moss. In the end I reached an orgasm three times and could hardly walk anymore because of the weak feeling in my legs. It was a blind date to remember and we certainly repeated it a few more times. Now we both have a partner, but there is still a tension when we speak or see each other.