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I went to some kind of café with my friend, at least that’s what he said. We drove very fast to the café. He had some kind of a large bag with him. I was really curious why he would bring it with him. I asked for the umpteenth time what was in it. But he said nothing.

Finally we were at the café. I looked at the café sign and it said “Porno café”. What the fuck was this, I thought. Right under the words “Porno cafe” there was a one liner stating “Fuck her, nice and horny”.

My friend pulled me in and talked to a man for a moment. Then I had to change. My friend made me put on a bra and a thong. He said, “The inside men give you money if you do a sexy dance on stage and when you undress a little, you know what I mean”. And I nodded. He had shown me sex videos so many times.

After waiting a while I had to go on stage. The men cheered at me and I did some nice move on stage. I put my hands on my breasts, opened my bra and they screamed even louder and shouted more. Next thing I did was moving my hand down to my pussy and then I took off my thong.

I walked up to the pole as sexy as possible and started sliding around it and stuff. I then fingered myself. When I finished I put my clothes back on and went to the dressing room. Then I had to put on a blindfold and someone put me on a table.

My pussy was still quite wet and immediately a stiff cock was pushed into my pussy. And then another and another. I groaned and screamed in pleasure. And then I felt even more dicks around me. They all sprayed cum on me and dicks were pushed into my mouth. I swallowed some semen of the guys.

Men also started to lick me wherever there was a space available. After that all the cocks went away but it didn’t take long before cum was sprayed all over my body again. And the cocks came back into my pussy and mouth.

Some man said I now had to lay on my stomach, I didn’t recognized his voice, but still I listened. And the dicks were cumming again. And I was also sprayed on my back and legs. And Then I was allowed to take off my blindfold and I was so surprised that there were cameras everywhere.

I asked if we were going to watch it. Yes, they said in unison. After watching we continued to fuck for a while. It was a great experience. We still watch the tape from time to time.