Caught at work

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Hi, my name is William, I work in a mushroom nursery. Recently I was at work and there is also Sammy, a very beautiful horny girl. We were alone in a cell and so had the empire alone for the next hour. I walked up to Sammy to ask something when she got up and started kissing me. I kissed fervently and got a huge boner as my hand rubbed her ass.

She crouched down and wanted to continue working, but I unbuttoned my pants and she gave a kiss on my dick. She immediately started sucking my dick and undressed me further. Then it was my turn. So I undressed her and started licking her nice big breasts and then down. Along her tight tummy. Just stopt a bit at her belly button and then continued to her shaved pussy, until her horny ran out and she started moaning.

We got dressed again and continued picking, even though we were really horny. I did go to pick Sammy and that was just in time because the rest came in to help us. Because I was standing next to her my dick was still terribly big. It almost jumped out of my pants. Sammy saw that and stroked my dick over my pants. Of course I was also playing with her pussy.

She said to me “after work I want to fuck you all over”. I bumped my pants where my dick was against her pussy. Then there was a wet stain on my dick off her pussy. The reinforcements left and we were alone again. I couldn’t wait any longer and I unbuttoned her pants and she unbuttoned mine.

I licked her white blouse wet on the nice spots so that it showed through. I started to fuck her and she moaned so hard the boss heard and we got fired. We had to way 3 hours before we could go home, so you can guess what we were going to do…

She had asked me the week before if I wanted to go to a nude campsite with her. I had said yes to that, so I saw a poachers caravan and thought about it. I said that to Sammy and she immediately undressed and me too. She said that on such a campsite, no horny spots were looked at and no attention was paid to it. She couldn’t keep off my big cock when I sat there next to her and started sucking me again.

The story started again. Until we fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up early (4 am) the next morning. Well, she had woken up earlier and sucked me awake. I think that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. She crawled over me and started to put her breasts at mouth level and I started to lick her nipples. She started jerking me off and sucked the cum.

I looked at my watch and saw that we had sex for 24 hours. I couldn’t keep my hands off her anymore so we had 12 more hours of sex on top. In the meantime I had ordered pizza but it was between all her lips. I licked it out so the hunger was over, but we only stopped once. Actually we both wanted to continue, but yes, that was not possible.

Greetings, William