Catch fish in the fishing hole

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The story I’m going to tell you happened last year. Martine, a friend of my wife, lives in the center of a small town. Three years ago they built a completely enclosed fishing pond in their beautiful courtyard. To keep their water clean, they had bought some plants and since I’m a fisherman I also brought some water plants from the fish well where I always go fishing. What I didn’t knew was that there were fish eggs in the plants I brought them. So you can guess what happened, their fishing hole was suddenly full of small black fish. There were so much fish that they urgently had to get out.

So on a warm July day we tried to get these fish out with a landing net. We both wore an apron and a shirt. We thought it would be easy, but it turned out it was a lot harder than we thought. So we decided to stand in the fish well to continue working. We were busy until suddenly Martine slipped completely into the water and dragged me along with her. We were of course completely wet and since it was a warm day we decided to hang our clothes to dry while we took a short break.

We started to undress until we were both naked next to each other. I knew that she had beautiful full breasts, but of course I didn’t know that she also had such beautiful nipples. She asked me what I thought of her breasts, looking at my penis that was already hard. She said she was going to get some towels and I could dry her of, if I wanted. After we had dried each other we started to caress each other further.

I asked if I could lick her with very luscious hair covered pussy. She said that nobody had ever done that before. I told her to lie down on the grass and I’ll make sure she would like it. First I started to lick her beautiful breasts and her gorgeous nipples became hard as steel, from simply licking the tip of my tongue over them. Then I licked her belly button when I was on my way to drill my tongue into her nice cave.

It wasn’t long before she came gasping and groaning. Then she asked me if I wanted to fuck her, but I asked her to give me a blowjob first. She said she had never done that but because I had given her such a nice orgasm she wanted to learn it. I explained to her how I liked it and after a very short time she had put my 10 inch hard penis completely in her mouth and sucked me like the best, like someone who does this every day.

After she gave me a good blowjob for about ten minutes, I asked her if we were going to fuck, because I felt my boiling cum coming up. I asked if she wanted to sit on top of me, that was also her first time but she said she wanted to try everything today. She came to sit on my hard pole and soon we found the right rhythm, her beautiful breasts bouncing up and down. The neighbors could certainly hear it when they were outside.

After she climaxed for a second time, I asked her to sit in doggy style so I could teach her the next class. After she had put her beautiful ass forward I had the idea to lick her anus. Which I did not tell her so that she certainly could not refuse, because many women think that is dirty. When I started to lick her anus, she started to moan again and I put my finger in her anus, when I did that she screamed of pleasure.

After I fingered her for a few minutes I fucked her doggystyle and she cummed twice more, just before I dumped my hot cum in her pussy. After catching our breath together, we realized that our clothes were long dry. She thanked me with a passioned kiss and she said that she had never enjoyed sex so much in her life and she promised me that we would certainly do this again.