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Hi folks! After the school party I now want to show you my second sex story that came a few weeks after the school party. Me and the whole class had to camp out from the school for a few days. We arrived at a nice small farm. It was very nice the first day with a campfire and many games.

The day after the whole class went for a walk through the forest but I needed to take a piss so I slipped out of the group and went looking for a good tree. Moments later I was peeing in the woods until someone jumped on my back. “Guess! Who am I?”, said a girl. I was shocked and turned to Melissa who was laughing and I was quite angry about it.

After she was done laughing at me, she said “Is it just me or is it cold, what do you think?” It was pretty cold and I said that to Melissa too. Suddenly Melissa says “I’m going to warm myself up” and she suddenly bends over and strokes my dick that was still hanging out of my pants and she got me rock solid!!

She starts sucking my cock hard and that was so good. I took off her leggings and was surprised to see that she was not wearing any panties, so I could start eating her right away. I put my tongue in her very wet pussy and started twirling my tongue a bit and she came quite fast with a scream.

Melissa took a little rest and then she turned and leaned her hands on a tree and says “Fuck me! Fuck me good!”. I didn’t think twice and I pushed my dick, that was now all full size, right in her wet pussy.

After doing this position for a while I sat down on a thick fallen tree trunk and Melissa sat down on me. I immediately felt that something was different, another hole that was much tighter and Melissa starts to move wildly up and down and I heard her moaning “Deeper… Deeper… Yes…. I… I want to feel your cum in me! YES! I’M COMING… AAAHHHH!!”.

And we came simultaneously but we were still fit enough for another round and Melissa lay on the tree trunk and spread her legs. And because of such a horny view my cock started to rise again and I pushed it in her delicious cunt and start thrusting hard. About a minute later we were still fucking and she shouts “Oh yes… I’m going to cum again! YES!… Faster! FASTER! I’M COMING YES I’M CUMMING!! And again we came wonderfully.

We put on our clothes and found the group that was on the way back. Later on, Melissa and I did more sex at the camp, but that’s for another time.