Cabin in the woods

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I once walked through the woods with my girlfriend. We were just walking, when we suddenly saw a cabin in the distance, we decided to go there. Once arrived, we saw through the window a large living room, with only a large double bed in it. Also along the wall, a fireplace was burning softly.

We saw that the door was open, and decided to enter. We had nowhere to sit but on the bed. We soon got wild ideas and exchanged them with each other. Then we both got really horny, and we started caressing each other. When I took off my pants, she thought I was going a little too fast, and she stopped me.

She left me on the bed and took my first buttons off my pants, and ripped them off. My penis was already stiff with anticipation and she decided to hold it tight. She began to caress him slowly and pull gently. I was about to cum at the thought…

I soon saw her nipples harden and started to feel them. We got hotter and hotter. I took off her sweater, while she took off her shorts herself. I got up and put her on her hands and knees. Slowly I slid my dick past her clit. She moaned softly while I was still teasing her. Then I started giving her little soft nudges in her nice wet pussy.

The punch party was turned into a hardcore rag game and she groaned harder and louder. Later I found myself almost cumming, and quickly pulled my cock out of her wet cunt. She noticed, and laid on her back while spreading her legs wide, as a little hint that I should lick her clit.

I reached over and started licking down her from her tits. I slowly went down with my wet tongue, finally reaching her belly button. She began to moan even louder. Sometimes I thought she was about to cum, but I also noticed she was holding back. So I licked even harder and fucked her again with my big cock afterwards.

I gave her those big long hard thrusts that made her big tits bounce back and forth. She started to shake and I thrust even harder. She came screaming and she was so loud that the birds in the forest flew up from the fright.

I also came after a short blowjob. Then we just went for a nice walk back to the car and went home. I will never forget this experience.