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I am Brian, a 18 years old black guy. I am the youngest of 5 children. I have two brothers and two sisters. My youngest brother is 19 years old. And he met a very nice girl, a blond girl with an extremely hot body. She is 22 years old and he has been dating her for two years now. Last summer they got engaged in an old-fashioned way. The intention was that they get married next year, but Sandra’s parents liked an engagement first. Since my brother works as a waiter in a conference center, it was decided to celebrate the engagement there. On a Saturday evening.

On that Saturday evening people started to walk in at 7.30pm, including Sandra’s family of course. She has two sisters, one of 24 (Petra) and one of 28 years old (Agnes). They are two very beautiful women and both also married. The father is a bit of a dead person and the mother a charming, nice and smooth woman, I think she is 48-49 years old.

During the evening I danced several times with Agnes, a very nice girl. And sometimes I had the feeling that she really liked me. Several times I felt her body rubbing against mine excessively. At one point she put her arms around my neck and we shuffled across the dance floor. Then I knew for sure, her thigh was constantly sliding along my crotch. And my dick couldn’t help but respond. It became rock hard and I felt her leg press against my crotch more and more.

I whispered in her ear to stop because I couldn’t get off the dance floor anymore. Everyone would see that I had a hard dick. She whispered: We’ll dance to the door and I’ll make sure no one sees it. You go to the conference room next door. I’ll be there in 5 minutes. I opened the conference room door, turned on the light and closed the curtains. Because I now understood what she planned on doing.

A moment later the door flew open and there was Agnes, she closed the door and came with long strides towards me. Put her arms around my neck again and put her tongue in my mouth. Of course, I answered her kiss as boisterous as she did. Our tongues went wild. Suddenly I felt a hand over my crotch. So boy, now I want to feel a real black dick again. I already felt that it is nice and big. So is your brother’s, right? Yes, I also fucked your brother, I love blacks.

I quickly got over the shock because in the meantime she had lowered my pants and took my dick in her hand. She kept caressing it very gently. In the meantime she started kissing intensely again, which I did not leave unstated of course. And I started to knead her tits. My dick was about to burst. And her tits felt so firm and big. I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, then her bra, then her gorgeous tits came out.

My god what a body, I dove down and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard. She started to moan, Oh what are you doing that well, my hand explored and found a soaking wet slip. I rubbed her crotch once, then she moaned even louder. I pushed her panties aside and put a finger in her soaking wet cunt. She was shaken violently and could not prevent a small scream. Quietly, I said someone will hear us. I sat down on a chair and immediately she ducked between my legs. Oh, she cried, how beautiful it is, so big, so black, so good. And took the tip in her mouth and began to suck on it. I thought I was dying. So good.

Then the door flew open. We were shocked to death. That was Agnes’s mother. Or my brother’s mother-in-law. What in the name of the devil is going on here? she cried. She immediately closed the door so that no one could see what was happening. She wanted to scream but now saw us both naked. She started to stutter and said something like that; this is not possible, this is not allowed! Meanwhile, her eyes focused on my crotch. Very obsessed she was looking at my hard cock. She had probably never seen a black dick before.

Agnes and I looked at each other and smiled, because step by step she walked over to me. Right in front of me she said; what is he big. Yes madam, I was born with it. I think that’s why Agnes likes me. She looked at Agnes, who said nothing. Then the high word came out: can I hold it for a moment, she asked. Although I am an old woman, I like this very much. She took my dick in her hand and began to caress and jerk it gently. She looked at Agnes, who nodded, she looked at me and without saying anything else she dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked it really nice and Agnes came closer again and stroked my body. Our mouths met again in a fierce French kiss.

The mother let go of my dick and undressed very quickly and said: Now after all these years I want to get a good fuck, my husband doesn’t do it for me anymore. I looked at Agnes and she nodded. She lay down on her back on the table. I went over to her and I immediately rammed my dick into her up to my balls. She realized she couldn’t scream and so she begged me to kiss her. I let myself fall over her and put my tongue deep in her mouth. I noticed that older women can kiss really well. Our tongues went wild as she wrapped her legs and arms around me and I pumped my dick in and out.

Suddenly she was shaking violently. Maybe she came even three times. Agnes was fingering herself violently and also moaned loudly. Suddenly her mother said to Agnes, come here now I also want to taste a cunt. Agnes climbed onto the table and sat on her mother’s face. While I was still fucking her mom. Agnes now started kissing me too, to keep her from screaming. I pulled myself out of mother’s pussy and climbed on the table behind Agnes and without any mercy I rammed my dick into her soaking wet pussy. A loud groan was the result.

Her mother continuously licked her pussy and my dick was sliding in and out. Agnes now leaned forward too and began to suck on her mother’s clit. Moments later, all three of us came, shaking and groaning. We had to dress quickly and get back to the party. Mother said: it is wonderful that big black dick of yours. I promised them that I would soon make an appointment to do this again.