Another job

8.5  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 24m licking lingerie straight

During a night out, I once again complained to my best friend Charlotte that I earned so little at the Dollar Store. Well then I know something else for you, said Charlotte. Do you remember was a maid for a while at Mrs. O’donald? Well, she pays fifty bucks an hour. Fifty?? I cried. Yes, said Charlotte, it pays very well. She just wants a little special things now and then. What do you mean, I asked. Ah, said Charlotte, I know you a little, you can handle it. I know she’s looking for a new girl, are you interested? When I said yes, Charlotte promised to arrange an appointment for Friday evening 7:00.

That Friday I rang the doorbell of Mrs. O’donald. The door was opened by a pretty woman of about thirty-five. Hi Olivia, she said, you are right on time I love that. She opened the door wider and I walked in. Sit down, she said, sitting behind a small desk herself. I am Fiona O’donald and you are a good friend of Charlotte? Yes, madam I replied. She laughed and said: I like you but you should think carefully. I pay fairly well, but I also demand a lot from you and you probably already know from Charlotte that I love to boss you, do you object to that? No madam, I replied. Okay, she said, let me ask you some very personal questions to get to know you a little better, okay? Well, I answered again.

Fiona looked at me intently and asked: Olivia, what is your first impression of me? I was silent for a moment. Come on, she said, say what you see when you look at me, I’ll be completely honest about your appearance too. I took a breath and started like this: “I think you are a very beautiful woman with beautiful dark blond wavy hair. You have striking fresh white teeth, nice full lips, striking clear blue eyes, which I think men fall in love with, long legs, large breasts for your slim build? I wanted to go much further, but to my surprise she unbuttoned her blouse completely. And? She asked. I looked at her beautiful breasts and said cheerfully: what nice tits you have. She looked satisfied and buttoned her blouse back up. So, she said, now we move on to your qualities.

Her first questions were about my current work at Dollar Store. I have a few more intimate questions, still no objection? She asked. I shook my head and she went on: I just showed you my breasts to see if things like that startle you. I also expect you not to be ashamed of that. Come and stand right here with me. I walked up to Mrs. O’donald. She stayed in her chair. Take off your blouse, she said in a commanding tone. I hesitated for a moment but then thought oh what the hell. I unbuttoned my blouse and put it on her desk. Do I have to take my bra off too, I asked. No honey, just do as I ask, she said. Take off your pants and shoes too. I did as she asked and except for my bra and panties, almost naked, in front of her.

Where do you buy your underwear, she asked. I answered at Dollar Store. It’s not right, she called. She put her fingers between my stomach and the edge of my panties, then did the same with the legs. As she tested the stretch, her fingers lovingly slid down my pubic hair. I liked it quite a bit. Let’s take a closer look, she said. She pulled my panties down a little and examined my pussy carefully. Hmm, delicious, but there is always room for improvement. What then, I thought to myself. She pulled my pants back up and got up. What she just did to my underwear, she now did to my bra. Her fingers stretched the floppy fabric of my bra and apparently didn’t like it. Doesn’t fit either, she said. She lifted the bottom of my bra and shoved it above my breasts. You see, she said while massaging my breasts, you also have nice firm tits and small sensitive nipples, exclusive lingerie will look great on you! Do you have something to do tomorrow night, Fiona asked? No? Good, tomorrow night I organized a small and private lingerie party for our two largest customers. You know what, I’ll just call the lingerie store and tell them you’re coming to sort things out for tomorrow.

She sat down again, apparently expecting me to go right away. I got dressed and said see you later. When I closed the door behind me, I saw her pick up the phone. Arriving at the lingerie store, it was opened by a saleswoman of about forty years old. She seemed to me to be the owner of the business. There was also a young girl, eighteen or so, in the shop who was busy with items that had just arrived. When I entered the shop the lady locked the door and asked; you were sent by Mrs. O’donald? I nodded. Just walk to the fitting room, she said. Beau, will you help too? she asked the girl. We entered a spacious fitting room. In the room there were all kinds of racks of the finest lingerie and large mirrors hung on the walls. Once there, the saleswoman got off to a good start.

So we will show you and feel how nice it is to wear beautiful underwear. First your measurements. Take off your blouse and bra. When my breasts were bare, she grabbed them with both hands and tried to determine the weight and size, as it were. She pushed my breasts together and then up again, apparently to see if a cleavage was possible. Meanwhile, Beau asked what kind of lingerie I liked. I said that I liked soft, shiny fabrics with a little lace but not too much. No bras that show your nipples, there has to be something to guess and it has to be classy. Beau apparently had enough of this information and started collecting all kinds of sets, body-stockings and long shirts. In the meantime I took off my shoes and pants. This is the second time today that I am alone in front of someone in my underwear, I thought.

She took the tape measure and asked if I could raise my arms all the way. I did that and she measured my bust while she stretched the cold measuring tape right over my nipples. Then she measured my hips, thighs and buttocks. Without further notice, the saleswoman pulled my panties all the way down and in a reflex I got out immediately. I don’t know why, but she also stroked my pubic hair a few times. Then I fitted all kinds of beautiful things. Everything that I really liked was set aside. Beau announced that she wanted to try on a few things straight away, she undressed completely and smiled at me when she realized that I admired her body. I noticed that her pubic hair was very nicely updated.

After Beau had put on a pair of panties and a bra, we both stood in front of the mirror. The saleswoman took all the things and said: I’m going to pack this, will I see you at the checkout later? The saleswoman left the room. I looked in the mirror again and admired Beau. I think your lingerie looks better than me Beau, I said to her. Why, she asked, you really have a really nice ass in those pants and your breasts come out beautifully in this bra. I looked at her again in the mirror. Our panties shined a little bit. I liked that much better with Beau. Would you like to take your pants down, I asked. Beau carefully slid the panties down a bit and gave me a look at her pussy. Did you do that yourself, I asked noting her pubic hair that was clearly updated into a pretty little triangle. No, Beau replied, Mr. O’donald did that for me when I showed them some lingerie the last time, it looks nice, doesn’t it? I was surprised to hear that she had had that done by a man, but at the same time also became a bit curious about Fiona’s husband.

We both put on our own clothes, left the fitting room, and walked to the checkout. The saleswoman also put the last set in a bag and gave me everything. Have fun with Mrs. O’donald, she said. I left the store and walked back to Fiona’s house. Once there, Fiona turned out to be very satisfied with what I had chosen. She said Beau would be there the next night too. See you tomorrow? Okay, I said enthusiastically because Beau would come too, see you tomorrow! Working on a Saturday evening turned out to have its pleasant sides. The moment I arrived at Fiona’s house, Beau was already there. She greeted me very enthusiastically.Thank you for being there, she said, come and sit in the kitchen and I’ll tell you the program for tonight. It turned out that business relations of Mr. and Mrs. O’donald had been invited to dinner and that we had to serve the food dressed in lingerie. A warm feeling shot through my body. That seemed like a lot of fun, what a job!

Beau walked to a closet in the long hall and took out the set I had chosen last. Put this on first, she said, so I can secretly enjoy that nice ass of yours. For herself she picked up a short shirt made of shiny white material with matching panties. Without waiting for further details I undressed and put on the lingerie. Beau put on her set. She looked delicious. The thin white shirt was tight over her breasts, so that her nipples pierced the fabric nicely. Her tight tummy was bare and she had a small gold ring in her navel. Her panties were tight around her bottom, speaking of nice asses. She had slightly wider hips and thicker butt than me, but everything nice and firm, probably the result of many hours in the gym. Are you ready for first course, asked Beau. I can’t wait, I replied. Beau and I drove the trolley with dishes into the dining room. I had not wondered in advance what we would find inside. However, it was a very pleasant scene.

Three men and Fiona sat at a large square table. The room was lit by up to twenty candles, which gave it a cozy but also somewhat exciting atmosphere. They were all dressed in sporty outfits and had apparently taken a shower after playing tennis or something. Fiona got up and introduced us to the gentlemen. A pretty handsome blond man turned out to be Liam, Fiona’s husband. Sitting next to him was Peter, apparently a real fitness freak, broad-shouldered and short dark hair. Leo was the exact opposite, long wavy hair, and a very soft and sweet look. Boy Fiona, said Liam, you have outdone yourself again, the girls are really really beautiful. The men really looked at us from head to toe without any hesitation. When we got back to the kitchen Beau laughed: ha, we made quite an impression on the gentlemen, don’t you think? Before I could answer, the kitchen door opened, Liam and Fiona entered. Well done girls, said Liam.

Fiona smiled at me and asked: before you change your clothes again, we need Olivia for a moment, can you come with us? I went along. The three of us entered a very large bathroom. Liam and Fiona both sat on a folding chair and I stood barefoot in my beautiful bra and see-through panties in front of them on a soft bathroom rug. Liam explained why I was asked upstairs: Peter and Leo are major buyers of our lingerie collection, so important men, Fiona told me that your bikini line could be a bit more beautiful and my question is whether I can do that for you. Yes, I said, if you make it as beautiful as Beau’s. Take off your bottoms, honey, said Fiona, and take off your bra before it gets hairy. Strange reason, but I felt completely warm to the thoughts of standing completely naked in front of Liam. I took off my bra first and then I took off my panties. Fiona grabbed my buttocks with one hand and stroked my pussy from left to right and vice versa with the other. Here at the edges and the top a lot can go, while she brushed my fingers lengthwise over my labia from the back to the front, and here the hairs that stick out.

Just sit back a little in my chair, Fiona said, lift your feet slightly off the floor with your hands on your knees and separate your thighs. This must be a very horny sight for Liam, I thought. However, Liam did not flinch a bit, he just took a clipper and shaved me carefully. I loved the vibration of the clippers on my pussy. Now that your legs are wide apart and your knees are pulled up properly, it is almost done, said Liam. I spread my legs even further and pulled my knees up to my breasts. Liam removed the last hairs that were sticking out with the clippers. I think she loves it, Fiona said to Liam. When I nodded softly, Liam dropped to his knees and put my legs over his shoulders. I felt his tongue investigate. The movements of his wet tongue along my clit became increasingly fine. I grabbed his head with my hands and pressed his mouth against my pussy as hard as possible so that his tongue could get even deeper.

The idea that Fiona’s husband was eating me so good and that she was watching it really excited me. My breathing got faster and faster and I moaned several times that I was going to cum. My orgasm was fantastic. The moment I stopped jerking, Liam kept his mouth pressed against my pussy and then gave a wet kiss on my belly and said: you are sweet. Liam left the bathroom and said: see you soon! Was it nice baby, Fiona asked me as he helped me off the chair. Hmm, delicious, I said softly. Take a shower first, then go downstairs and serve the room in a body stocking. Ask if Beau does the same, she added.