An unforgettable Friday afternoon

7  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 4m bath blowjob ex-girlfriend fingering straight

It was Friday morning and I got a text from my ex-girlfriend. She asked to meet me at 4pm. I showed it to my colleagues and they told me that I had to go see her. It was still a long day to go until 4pm. After a while I thought fuck it, I’m going to see her. I went to my boss and looked at him sadly and I said boss I’m going home, I’m not well.

On the bus I called my ex-girlfriend and she said, laughing, did you receive my text message? I said yes. She said come to my house, I’m home alone then we can have a chat if you feel like it. No sooner said than done. I went to her and got off the bus, took the bike with the feeling that nothing is going to happen.

I cycled to her house and when I arrived she openend the door, I saw she had lit all kinds of candles and she said come in. Once inside she said she missed me and she sat down with me. I gave her a kiss but she pulled her head away. I said what is it, I come over and it’s still not good enough for you?

Then she opened her pants halfway and took off my pants. She started to kiss me and I carefully took off her leggings and noticed that she was not wearing a thong. I started to finger her and before I knew it she was sucking my big willy.

I continued fingering and took my fingers away as she continued to suck. I turned 180 degrees and I started licking her and she sucked me off. After a while she started to moan and said fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before.

No sooner said than done, right? I grab a condom and she took it from me and says she took the pill and she wants me to fuck her without a condom. I thought it was fine and I started to fuck her in all kinds of positions from the table to the bath and she loved it.

After a while she starts to stroke my balls. I get horny as butter and she knew that. I start to fuck her harder and harder until after a while she stopped me. She takes my dick and starts sucking it again. After a while I said I couldn’t hold it any longer. She sucked harder and faster until after a while the sperm dripped out of her mouth. I finger her a bit more and after a while she climaxed too and we fell asleep in the bath.