After tennis

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It was common practice that we, as a couple of guys, went to play tennis on Saturday morning. I always doubled together with John. We got along very well and we were well attuned to each other. After playing we always shower, but I went to the bar with a beer to cool down, I liked that more.

The following week John asked if I would go with him afterwards to have a drink at his house. I thought it was fine, because with his wife Jill I could always have very nice conversations and she was a very attractive woman. At John’s home the whiskey soon came on the table, but Jill took French cognac, she liked that more.

Gradually the drink consumption became looser and freer. John and Jill started to make more and more daring remarks over and over again. It seemed as if they were challenging each other over my head. At one point Jill asked John if they would play a card game. John had no objection at all.

It turned out that it had to be played with a rotating arrow and whoever the arrow pointed towards, had to take a card from the pile. The card would have - as it turned out - an assignments on it. These assignments varied from take off your neighbor’s clothing, giving your neighbor a long French kiss, strip for half a minute and etc. If you drew a joker, you had to be completely naked.

John had already taken off Jill’s sweater and bra. She had nice breasts and large nipples. I had to take of my shirt too. John, however, was still dressed, until he was the first to draw a joker and had to be completely naked. Jill drew a card and had to make out with me. She leaned over to me, rested her hand on my thigh and while we kissed she scratched my fly with her fingers delicately.

Because of the whole situation and the sultry atmosphere that had arisen, I immediately got a huge erection, which Jill must have felt. From the corner of my eye I saw that John had also gotten an erection from our horny French kisses. So he got happily excited and not angry or jealous.

Unfortunately I pulled a joker shortly after and had to expose my erection. “Wow”, Jill said when she saw my cock. “What a big fat cock you have, unbelievable, it’s almost one and a half times bigger than yours, John”.

Jill was only too happy to take off her clothes and showed her beautiful slender body. “Now show your fountain Jill”, encouraged John longingly “He has never seen that before”. Jill doubted, but after much insistence from John and under the influence of the drinks, she was persuaded. She sat down on a towel on the couch with her legs spread out so that her very fleshy labia was clearly visible and she began to masturbate vigorously.

With half-closed eyes she continuously looked mesmerized at my big and rock-hard sex apparatus. Thoughtlessly and completely focused on Jill, I slowly pulled back my foreskin and when I exposed that large shiny blue-red head I suddenly heard Jill snort and moan loudly and saw something that I will never forget. A strong beam of pussy juices came with her cumming. She squirted from her pussy. My dick was already hard, but at this sight it swung violently upwards a few times. I saw that her pussy was still cramping and she was certainly not done yet and it showed.

“Come on”, she invited me in a softly vibrating voice. I looked at John because I did not know how he would react. He encouraged with a nod. Meanwhile Jill had invitingly laid down on the couch to receive me with spread legs. I went to her and a moment later she whispered that I had to cum inside her. I pressed my hard fat cock in her wet crack and it slid in smoothly through the abundant juice.

She had a lovely tight pussy that stretched like a cocoon around my dick, but she surprised me by curving her pelvis upwards when I entered it. I went in as deep as possible and when pulling her back down as much as possible. We moved at the same pace as my thrusts and it was now a limber body beneath me. It was a great feeling because it seemed like she was jerking me off with her pussy.

Every time she climaxed, she pushed her pelvis up spasmodically and experienced the pleasure of cumming. When this slowly faded away, I stopped thrusting but continued to fuck her softly and then suddenly without warning I would thrust hard inside her. She came three times like this, but after the third time nature took its toll. I couldn’t take it anymore and shot the juice of life into her, in strong large jets.

When my orgasm was over I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy. Because of her grip on my buttocks, I noticed that she was reluctant to let me go. As the last inches slipped out, she jerked and expressed displeasure with a disappointing groan. I went to my bag in the hall and cleaned and dried myself with my bath towel. When I came back to the room John was fucking furiously and they also came to an intense climax.